April 28, 2020

Postponing a Wedding Due to Corona Virus: A Bride-to-Be’s Perspective

Welcome to the “I Do” Interviews! Typically, this interview series is meant to give future brides a chance to hear the wonderful details of bridal experiences from those who have recently been there.

This month however, the series will focus on a different matter entirely: what to do when a pandemic disrupts your wedding plans. Bride-to-be Lindsay reflects on the postponement of her wedding due to the Corona Virus, and shares her own experience with the hope that others may find her journey helpful!

Lindsay and TravisLindsay and Travis with a sunset in the background

Where are you originally from? We are both from Danvers, MA

What are your occupations?  I am a school based Clinician, Travis is a System Operator for a renewable energy company

Wedding Date: Originally scheduled for March 21, 2020. New date of October 24, 2020

Wedding Venue: Danversport. Ceremony at the Gazebo, Reception in the Harborview Ballroom

At what point did it become necessary to move the wedding date? Well honestly, we were ready to go despite what was happening around us [in early March]. We barely entertained the idea that we would have to move our wedding, we truly believed we would get it in before anything big happened.

For some reason I had a feeling we would need a back up plan and was able to call Danversport Sunday afternoon and set up a meeting for Monday morning. They were willing to talk to me about a back up plan just in case, even though we both thought we wouldn’t need it. We were wrong, that evening, Sunday March 15th – Governor Baker got on one of his press conferences and announced that he was banning any gatherings over 25 people – we were devastated to say the least and completely overwhelmed.

We walked into Danversport on Monday morning, met with Paul the General Manager who was just as baffled as we were that this was happening, but he was so willing to help us out that we were put at ease.

Was it a difficult decision? 

Ultimately yes, but luckily or unluckily depending on how you look at it, the decision was made for us. It was an extremely stressful time. Normally the week leading up to a wedding is stressful for other reasons, not trying to decide if you should even have the wedding!

Almost all of Travis’ extended family would not have been able to come if we ended up holding the wedding when it was supposed to be, that was when it hit us that changes might need to happen. The Governor ultimately made the decision for us and we had no other choice but to postpone.

How have your family/friends supported you?

We really and truly realized how much we were loved by going through this process. SO MANY people came forward in phone calls and texts to apologize for what we were going through and to say how our wedding in October would be “that much better!”  It was truly amazing.

Our families let us literally cry on their shoulders as we came to terms with not getting married, when we knew they wanted to cry just as much as we did.

Our friends were equally as supportive. My Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids organized a Zoom call for the day we were supposed to get married. They surprised me and were all wearing their bridesmaids dresses! I couldn’t believe it, I was in tears for  a good portion of that call.  It was hard because I was the only one of my friends who ever had to do this, but they all knew exactly how to support us (from a distance of course) and make us feel just as special as if we were partying away on the big day.

Have vendors been accommodating?

Honestly, I have all good things to say about all my vendors and my venue. Danversport was talking to me daily and were behind us. The entire team could not have been more accommodating. We discussed all our options, even still having a small ceremony. We were content walking out of Danversport on Monday that we had made a good decision!

Immediately after that we had to start calling our vendors. I will say, that DJ Chuck Uglietta from 617 Weddings was by far THE BEST during this. We met with Chuck to finalize our playlist the Wednesday before, and he said then “no we’re not cancelling we’re having this party don’t worry” but in the same breath stated “I will be behind you with whatever you decide.” With each new press conference, Chuck was either texting or calling us to make sure we were okay, and helping us process through other options and feelings. He was amazing! We were able to keep 617 Weddings for our new date, but unfortunately we are unable to have Chuck, which we are devastated about but know that he has set us up with a great DJ who will keep the party going!

Our Florist is Courtney Reid Design – a small owner operated business. She does all the work herself and she also was super supportive. When we called, she was totally understanding, able to cancel most of the flowers AND follow us to our new date which we are so excited about because she has been a truly heartwarming person to work with. Her small business deserves the recognition.

Our photographer is Qian Hegarty. Qian was working with us throughout as well, listening to us hem and haw over what to do, and supporting us. She would have been there either way! When we called her to postpone she was so sad for us, but luckily she can follow us to our new date! We were so lucky to get a photographer we wanted for our new, October date.

I cannot thank my vendors enough during all of this, they truly were unbelievable and put us and our feelings before their own. I know they  are all going through tough times right now and cannot wait to support them in the coming months.

When you moved the date, did you have to change anything about the ceremony or reception?

Nope! Besides a new DJ, everything else will stay exactly the same. I wanted a “winter” wedding and I will be carrying my color scheme and everything else through to the new date.

Actually, we had already had all our favors made and signs made with the date 3/21/20… So you better believe that when everyone arrives on 10/24, the dates they will see will be 3/21/20! We learned that the date is not what is important in all of this so we are not going to stress about changing the dates on everything and just embrace it as our “Coronaversary” (3/21/20) and our real anniversary (10/24/20).

I was DESPERATELY hoping for an outdoor wedding in March because I am a crazy person and love the cold and snow and was determined to make it happen. Now, I may be more likely to get my outdoor wedding AND people won’t be mad that their cold! Trav can hopefully have his groomsmen arrive on his boat now too, so that’s a win too.

Any additional thoughts or advice?

This hasn’t been easy and I know the battle with this virus and wedding planning is not over. Many brides are still struggling with their decisions and what is right or wrong. I have said from the beginning that there is no right or wrong for any bride and groom in this situation. Whatever a couple chooses, is the right thing to do. I know some couples like us that chose to postpone everything, ceremony and reception and I know others that still got married on their date but moved their reception.

No matter what it is, do what is right for you and your future spouse, that’s what matters. We have already decided that we will at least have our ceremony on 10/24/20 no matter what.


We at Danversport are so grateful to Lindsay for sharing her experience, and cannot wait to celebrate with her and Travis when they finally say “I Do” in October. Thank you Lindsay!

To other couples who are potentially postponing a wedding, we encourage you to maintain open lines of communication with your event venue and vendors, just like Travis and Lindsay did. Along with friends and family, your vendors and venue are a crucial part of your wedding team who want the best for you, and will help you make an informed decision on what to do about your big day!