Owned and operated by the DeLorenzo family, Danversport started as a vision more than 50 years ago when Joseph DeLorenzo imagined creating a special place for the community to celebrate life’s joyous occasions. He and his wife Barbara eventually purchased this beautiful parcel of land and set out to build a “big band” style dance hall and marina. In 1970, they opened the doors to the Danversport Yacht Club and it quickly became a destination location for dinner, dancing and live music. Over the years, Danversport has flourished and grown to accommodate weddings and special events of all sizes.

We’re now in the third generation of the DeLorenzo family, and we’re just as passionate as Joseph was about providing outstanding experiences in an incredible setting. We’re also excited about the steps we’re taking to improve the business and support our community through the use of solar renewable energy, recycling and vegetable farming.

Most of all, we’re proud to be able to continue helping you celebrate and create wonderful memories. We hope you enjoy Danversport! Thank you for your patronage.

The DeLorenzo Family

Jaclyn and Eric

Our Vision

To share our family’s dream of bringing people together to celebrate all that life has to offer and create lasting memories.

The Danversport Team

Our Mission

With our outstanding team, we provide a full-service experience and make sure that each moment is special so that every guest feels cared for at our beautiful waterfront location.

Emily and Elliot

Our Values

At Danversport we believe in…

  • leading with empathy and humility such that our team, customers, and communities feel heard and appreciated
  • recognizing that the details matter
  • bringing pride and determination to every challenge
  • taking risks and being innovative
  • maintaining elegance while we continue to evolve