March 10, 2021

The “I Do” Interview: Meet Our March Couple, Adeline & Myles

Welcome to the “I Do” Interview! This month our series features Adeline and Myles who started the New Year off saying “I Do” with their closest friends and family in our waterfront room, Lighthouse Point. 

This bridal interview series is meant to give future brides a chance to hear the wonderful details of bridal experiences from those who have recently been there. Our beautiful brides have agreed to share their stories so others can hear about everything from their one-of-a-kind wedding, to their incredible partner, at a picture-perfect venue. 

Adeline and Myles Wedding by the Gazebo

Wedding Date: January 2, 2021

Where are you originally from?: I am Korean-American and originally from Boston and Myles is originally from Northern England (Yorkshire) but moved to the Scottish Western Isles when he was 11.

What do you do for work? I am a singer-songwriter and currently doing a masters in Anthropology and Art at the University of St. Andrews. Myles is currently in his 2nd year of med school at the University of St. Andrews. So, long answer short, we are both in postgraduate school still! 

How did you meet your bride or groom? Myles and I met in our undergrad at The University of St. Andrews (in Scotland) in our first year. We were in some of the same classes and had a few mutual friends which made us familiar with each other throughout our first year. It wasn’t until our second year that we became best friends and we waited two long years to date (haha) and started dating at the beginning of our fourth year. 

Adeline and Myles Wedding

What made you choose Danversport, and this venue/room specifically? Pre-covid, we visited Danversport and fell in love with the Lighthouse Point room, the warmth that spilled into the room that made it so cozy. That was a huge factor. Because it was a venue for about 60-90 people, and we had originally planned for a 150 person wedding, we had to turn it down. 

Shortly after, covid hit and all of our wedding plans were cancelled. When looking into our options, I remembered how much I loved the Lighthouse Point and how it would now be the absolute perfect spot for a smaller, covid-style wedding. I love the lighting, the cozy feel of the space, and the windows surrounding the entire room. It makes for a very romantic atmosphere, which tied our whole night together. Additionally, every interaction that we had with Danversport staff has been nothing short of incredible. They are so warm and welcoming, and their service is like no other. The amount of times that they went out of their way to make sure that our night was everything we imagined it to be was uncountable. 

How many guests did you have in attendance roughly? 

We had a very very small wedding. Due to existing family members health conditions, we didn’t want to risk anything, so we made sure that everyone attending the reception had quarantined for 14 days and had two negative covid tests. It just wasn’t worth it in our eyes to risk so many people, especially now with the rising cases! Though it was not the wedding that we had imagined, it was actually so special to have a small and intimate day to share with our closest family and friends. 

Adeline and Myles Multicultural celebration

What was the most magical, moving, or special part of the wedding for you?

Because of the travel bans, Myles physically was not able to fly into the States as he was not a US resident. This was definitely the hardest part about covid as we were meant to be married in July, but had to put everything on pause due us not being able to fly to see each other. We found a way for me to fly to Scotland on my student visa, for us to get legally married in Scotland, and then for us both to fly back as the US allows those who are “married to a US citizen” fly into the country. This planning took about 7-8 months before it came into fruition. Due to the travel bans, Myles’ parents weren’t able to fly into the country for the wedding, so it was really special to be able to have them on video call on a projector in the venue while we said our “I Do.” The package that we went for was called the “Love Endures” package, and I felt as if that really sums up our relationship and the hardships that we went through to get to this day. So, in summary, I think that the most magical part of the wedding for me was to be able to sit in a beautiful room full of people we love, and to have finally been married officially after months and months of cancellations, travel bans, and long distance. 

What are your honeymoon plans? 

We have held off on a honeymoon for now, though we did stay at a cute hotel in NH called Bedford Village Inn for a few nights after our wedding. Currently we are back in Scotland, quarantining for 10 days before Myles starts school again. We are hoping to travel somewhere in Europe when travel is allowed again (somewhere warm for sure!) 

Happily Ever After 

Myles and Adeline had to jump through multiple hoops and delays to finally say “I Do,” but in the end, nothing, not an ocean, a travel ban, or the months of cancellations were going to stop this couple from celebrating with their closest family and friends. Congratulations and may you get that honeymoon somewhere warm and relaxing!

Lighthouse at Danversport Adeline and Myles