December 27, 2019

Wedding Trends to Watch in 2020

Is 2020 the year you plan to tie-the-knot? If so, you may be looking for just the right wedding touches that can tell your one-of-a-kind love story. As you pore over the wedding magazines and websites, you may find that some of the newer trends catch your fancy. From culinary creativity, to adding nostalgic elements, to making your day environmentally friendly, there are so many ways to make your wedding day distinctive and memorable. 

As the calendar page turns to a fresh, new decade, many couples will be creating a wedding experience that not only tells the personal story of their love, but also shows who they are as a couple. Here are some of the trends that wedding experts are watching in 2020 to do just that. 

Nostalgic Elements 

Couples love to incorporate nostalgic elements into a wedding ceremony or reception to show off their personality as well as paint a picture of the time they have spent with one another. Many times nostalgic ideas spring from the couple’s childhood or early years of dating. 

Since 33 is the average age of a person getting married in 2020, that means that soon-to-be-couples came of age in the 1990s. Be prepared to see photo displays showcasing some of the ‘90s fashion, hear the most popular ‘90s songs, and even receive wedding favors that highlight some of the unique characteristics of growing up in that decade!

Some of the more sentimental touches we have seen recently include: Polaroid cameras placed on every table for guests to enjoy snapping some candids of their own, a vintage photo table showing off the bride and groom through the years, and retro candies as favors. These creative details will bring all of your guests back to their younger years and create conversations to add to the festivities. 

Culinary Creativity

One of the trends in weddings in the past year that promises to continue well into the new decade, is creativity with the menu and drink offerings. While some couples love the traditional dinner packages, others like the idea of mixing it up a little and offering something that is new. At Danversport, we offer both buffet stations and traditional plate-served menus for couples to choose from. We also have a variety of “Late Night Snacks,”  Hors D’oeuvres, and brunch options for the next morning. 

Many couples like the idea of offering a cheese station or crudite assortment for their guests to enjoy while mingling before the main meal. Of course, brides and grooms love the options of choosing what type of dessert experience to amaze their friends and family with. For example, at Danversport we offer options to include a cannoli bar, whoopie pie bar, a chocolate fountain, sweets table, and an ice cream sundae buffet. And don’t forget the coffee station with options of Cappuccino and Espresso for those java lovers!

Environmentally Friendly 

As we head into the new decade, more and more couples are showing their concern for the environment and are trending toward greener alternatives for their wedding day. Many brides and grooms are showing their environmental responsibility by “upcycling” and keeping their carbon footprint in mind when planning the big day. 

Some couples are using family heirloom wedding dresses or veils. We’ve seen brides reset family stones belonging to grandparents or parents as an engagement ring. Not only are these touches environmentally smart but also sentimental. The ways to “go green” on your wedding day are endless. From buying locally grown flowers, to having guests travel together, or hiring vendors who prioritize sustainability, the possibilities are endless.

As wedding experts, we keep our eye on the trends all year so we can help our brides and grooms create the perfect day to say “I Do.” Talk to our wedding planners about details and elements you want to weave into your special day and we will help coordinate.