June 8, 2018

Wedding Superstitions – Weather Edition

In this third installment of wedding superstitions and traditions, we will be exploring the occurrence of common weather phenomena on your wedding day. In the summer, you may plan to schedule your wedding on a nice, dry day instead of during a rainstorm, and the same thing can be said of a winter wedding, but to avoid a snowstorm. Let’s explore some wedding day weather and what each phenomenon can mean for the future of your marriage:


Bride and Groom walking in the rain holding an umbrella

Rain is said to wash away worries, sadness, and sorrow. As such, it is also said to bring luck and good fortune to the newlyweds, especially in the baby department in that it increases fertility. The Hindus have a saying: “A wet knot is more difficult to unravel.” In America, we tend to look at rain on your wedding day not ironically, like Alanis Morissette, but rather in a good light. In Ireland, on the other hand, rain may mean a sorrowful future lies ahead.


Bride and Groom outside when it's overcast and cloudy

If the sky is cloudy or if it’s a particularly windy day, this can mean difficult times lie ahead for the seemingly otherwise happy couple. Don’t get discouraged, though, as a marriage is typically a system of compromises and battles to be fought together and from which the two of you will emerge victorious.


Bride and Groom standing outside while it's snowing

Falling snow on your wedding day can symbolize warmth and peace, much like one seeks during a harsh winter storm. If you see an incoming storm planned for the day of your wedding- don’t get discouraged. This could symbolize beauty and workout nicer than you may imagine.


Waterfront wedding ceremony outside on a gazebo on a bright, sunny day

A sunny day doesn’t necessarily have superstitious undertones. It may, however, make travel easier for you and your guests. There’s the common tradition of burying a bottle of bourbon upside down 30 days before your wedding, which is said to bring about good weather when your wedding day rolls around.


Most people will assume the weather makes or breaks a wedding. As you’re getting closer to your wedding day, try not to plan too hard or rely too much on something you can’t control. This will only make you unhappy if you receive unexpected weather. Unexpected events can be symbolism for a strong couple. Think of what it means to go through something unique, adventurous, different and, yet, still timeless on the biggest day of your life.
At Danversport Yacht Club, we wish you all the best on your wedding day and in your future together. While whacky weather can be hard on you or your guests in the moment, some weather phenomena can be worth it in the end if you believe in that sort of thing. Stay up-to-date with the blog as next month we will explore yet another wedding superstition and tradition. Contact Danversport Yacht Club today by phone at 978-774-8622, by email at weddings@danversport.com, or visit our weddings page