January 6, 2021

Wedding Photography Ideas for Your Big Day 

Not to play favorites, but your wedding photographer may end up being your favorite wedding vendor even long after the big day has come and gone. It is the person who will be with you all day: from getting your hair done and laughing off nervous energy with your best gal pals to the last dance when your partner has their arms wrapped around you for one last swing around the dance floor. 

Your photographer will not only witness first hand all those special moments on your big day, but will also capture those moments for you to treasure forever. Since this person has such a critical role on your wedding day, here are a few tips from bridal consultants and photography professionals. 

Do Your Research 

Just like with every other aspect of planning your wedding, do your homework by researching photographers. Find out who your friends recommend, look at online reviews, check out portfolios online, and ask your venue who they have had success with in the past. Online searches can help you determine what style you like as well as what clients are saying about their experiences with each photographer. 

Once you have researched, we suggest booking your photographer early. The good ones get snatched up quickly. So once you have found one that fits your style and budget, make it a date! 

two holding hands Book an Engagement Session 

The more a photographer gets to know you and your partner’s personalities prior to the big day, the more they will be able to capture that on film. We suggest booking an engagement session or pre-wedding session with your photographer so you can get to know each other and begin to get comfortable with each other. Many photographers offer an engagement photoshoot as part of their wedding package for the express purpose of getting to know the couple. 

Be Natural 

Most brides and grooms are not professional models, so they tend to not know how to act in front of a camera. Try your hardest to relax and avoid posing for the camera. Focus, rather on having fun, being madly in love on your wedding day, and enjoying the company of your guests. Your photographer will set up shots in as natural a way possible without you feeling like you are posing or working the camera all day. 

In fact, the Knot, the all-in-one wedding planner site, suggests not looking directly at the camera all day. Your photographer will direct you and capture both formal and informal pictures all day. You will be so grateful for the way they can capture special moments even when you are not aware of the camera. 

bride and groom

Create a Wish List 

Every couple has certain pictures they are hoping to capture during their wedding day. If there are certain locations at the venue or family member groups that you want to be certain you get pictures of, give a wish list of sorts to your photographer in advance. 

Your wedding photos are something you will cherish forever. Do your research, get to know your photographer, and have fun! Do you have suggestions that helped make your photographs unique? Drop us a line here or on our Facebook page