April 7, 2021

The Top Wedding Colors of 2021 

If you’re planning your wedding this year, or had to postpone from last year, you may be looking for what’s trending right now in regards to color palettes. Before you start buying bridesmaid dresses, flowers, or deciding on the color of cardstock for your invitations, you will want to make your final decisions on what wedding colors you will use. 

The color scheme you choose for your wedding is an important one – you will be seeing professional pictures of your choices for years to come in the form of your bridesmaid’s dresses, place settings, and flowers. Here are some things to think about as well as some of the 2021 trends put forth by The Knot, the number one wedding planning site online. 

pink wedding bouquet

How To Decide on a Color Scheme

Creating an appealing wedding aesthetic can be difficult and can be a decision that weighs heavily on many brides and grooms. Here are a few factors that may make the decision just a bit easier: 

  • Think about the wedding season. Some colors naturally lend themselves to certain times of the year. Lighter pastels tend to be favored in the spring, while bolder, deeper shades are more prevalent during the fall months. Winter tends towards white and champagne colors. 
  • Consider the venue.  Your venue’s setting may help determine your color palette. Some couples at Danversport will choose nautical colors to accompany their waterfront wedding.
  • Consider major holidays You may want to consider holidays that fall on or near your wedding day such as Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day. If you want to incorporate the holiday, an easy way to do this is to borrow some of its colors.
  • Consider colors that flatter you. After all, you are the couple that’s getting married! Don’t be hesitant to choose colors that flatter you.
  • Consider colors that you love. There are no steadfast rules about choosing colors, so why not choose a color that you will enjoy for years to come in both your memories and your photographs? 

wedding bouquet

Trending Color Schemes 

This year we’re noticing that wedding colors are trending towards soft and muted tones along with varied textures that bring depth and beauty to the fabrics. Here are some of the top contenders for this year’s wedding color schemes. 

Blues are a common favorite in the world of wedding planning, but this year, according to The Knot, the blues are softer and lighter such as Cornflower blue, Periwinkle, Powder blue, and French blue. These colors will look magical in wedding bouquets that showcase hydrangeas, lilies, or white roses. 

Pinks are always a fun color as bridesmaids often find they like the soft look and feel of the fabric for dancing and pictures. This year the pink hues are looking more like Dusty Rose, Cinnamon Rose, Blush Pink, and Rose Gold. These softer versions of the pink family can be paired perfectly with any number of floral arrangements from yellow Daisies to Dahlias. According to Elegant Wedding online, pink will be a top color this coming year. 

Greens such as Olive, Pistachio, Avocado, and Matcha will bring a slightly muted, yet natural color for your wedding. Greens are often a favorite because they work well as an accent color in floral arrangements and many couples take full advantage of any background greenery for  wedding photos during every season of the year. 

Champagne is another one of the year’s trendiest colors and is magical in the candlelight of a wedding reception. Champaign hues give off an air of sophistication and are a great color for celebrating and having fun!

No matter what color palette you and your partner choose, we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Talk to our event specialists about which event space and outdoor options you would like for your 2021 wedding.