December 9, 2020

The Magic of a Winter Wedding 

There really is no scene as magical as a winter wedding amid the backdrop of one of New England’s most special seasons. Picture the flicker of white candles, the shimmer of jewels on a bride’s dress, a coating of freshly powdered snow, and the shine of ice on tree branches above. A winter wedding may not be what every couple is yearning for, but for those who embrace the season, it may be the most magical event they have ever planned. 

At Danversport, we have hosted some amazing weddings in all four seasons. Each of them has their own unique natural elements. However, there are some simple reasons why some couples choose winter as the season they want to say “I Do.” Here are just a few of these reasons why winter may be the season of choice. 

winter colors

Natural Photographic Beauty

Any professional wedding photographer will tell couples to embrace their surroundings. This includes the natural elements that come with winter including: a snowy background, barebone trees, twinkle lights, high contrast flowers or bridesmaid dresses. 

Small things like a faux fur shrug for a bride or winter scarves for the women in the bridal party can make for a perfect contrast in a photo. Think about these things when planning your winter wedding. 

In a photographer’s perfect world there will be some snow but not enough to be a bother. Snow makes for a perfect scene especially when you want the viewers full attention on the newly married couple in the lens. 

Winter Attire 

As we mentioned above, there are some really fun things couples can incorporate into their wedding day, such as wraps or shrugs for the bridesmaids and winter boots or scarves for the men! They make for really cute and seasonal pictures and a great gift for the wedding party at the rehearsal dinner. 

winter sunrise with frost

Seasonal Decor 

Winter weddings lend themselves to some one-of-a-kind decor ideas such as pinecone place setting cards, wreaths as centerpieces, garland adorning the head table, and winter greens to tie the whole theme together. 

Other more obvious decor ideas include incorporating candles into the dinner seating area and around the cocktail hour areas. Many couples choose candle colors to match their theme and to coordinate with the floral arrangements. Tying all the components together into a cohesive look can make a winter wedding magical. 

hot cocoa

Menu Options 

Winter means comfort food and a long list of seasonal cocktails that can make a wedding special. Some favorite signature drinks for winter weddings are Moscow Mules, mulled wine, warm cider, Irish coffee, and spiced punch.  Our coordinators can work with you and your party to plan a wedding menu that fits the season. Our talented chefs love creating the menu from hors d’oeuvres, to main dishes, all the way to the nightcap and midnight snacks. 

If you are planning a micro winter wedding this year, talk to our coordinators and get started on a magical wedding at Danversport.