February 17, 2021

Should I Include Children in My Wedding? 

In planning your wedding, have you decided to make the ceremony and reception “adults-only” or family-friendly? It’s a decision that will determine the overall vibe of your wedding and will impact family members with little ones, so it should be weighed carefully before making the final decision. 

Questions to Consider

Children can add a major cuteness factor to any wedding, especially if they are adorned in their wedding-best attire. They can also cause a little chaos if they are impatient, cranky, or in need of a nap! So how do you weigh these possibilities and decide whether you should invite and/or include children in your wedding day? 

  • What is the relation of the child to the couple getting married? Depending upon the level of relationship, you may want to include the child in the ceremony.
  • What time is the wedding set to begin and end? Evening weddings that last into the wee hours of the night can be especially difficult for the children and their parents. Is there a way to involve them in the earlier hours that allows them to head off to bed with a babysitter or extended family member? 

little boy at wedding blowing bubbles

Considerations for a Kid Friendly Wedding 

If you do decide that you want to include nephews, nieces, and younger family members as a part of your wedding, you will want to be prepared to keep them happy and entertained throughout the ceremony and reception. To do this, you may want to consider a few things including: 

  • Some couples hire a babysitter or assign a family member that can take the child out if they begin to cry or get cranky during the event.. 
  • Create tabletop activities that will keep them happy and busy during the reception. Include simple arts and crafts, puzzles, and small items at their place setting. 
  • Include a child-friendly menu that offers their favorite foods and drinks. 
  • Hire an entertainer to keep the children’s table occupied while the adults mingle. Some couples have hired caricaturists or balloon entertainers to keep the kids table happy. 

Children can be unpredictable which can lead to some interesting moments, especially in the middle of a wedding. With a little preplanning, your wedding can include the younger members of your family while still allowing the adults to enjoy the reception as well. 

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