December 20, 2019

Create a Worry-Free Wedding

The anticipation of a wedding day for any bride and groom can be simply euphoric! Conversely, the build up to the big day can be anxiety-inducing with all of the deadlines, details, and decisions to be made. Planning a worry-free wedding is not some pie-in-the-sky idea, it can actually happen…if you take some advice from our event planning experts and people who have been in your shoes! 

Once couples have met with our wedding coordinators at Danversport, they quickly see that a stress-free wedding experience is not out of the question. What’s more, most of our brides happily report that the planning process was surprisingly fun to plan, and, dare we say, stress-free. Here are a few pieces of advice that may help keep your bridal experience a happy one. 

Get Organized

Many of our brides find it helpful to keep a folder or binder of all the pertinent information regarding their wedding. For example, a file could include all the contacts of vendors, venues, wedding party as well as receipts for items such as deposits on the room, dress, cake, and flowers. Or the binder could include pictures of potential wedding gowns, tuxedos, or bridesmaids dresses. 

Of course, almost all of our brides have found it helpful to maintain a calendar with dates of when deposits or payments are due as well as important dates like the shower, bridal luncheon, and bachelor weekends. Our wedding specialists can help you stay organized when it comes to managing your contacts since we have close connections with vendors across the North Shore and Greater Boston. 


Budgeting can be easy when you use a spreadsheet and enlist the help of a family member or bridal party member to keep track of who needs to be paid when. No bride wants to be looking for the envelope to pay limo driver the day of the event. Make sure you have a point person who can take care of all of that for you so you can enjoy every moment of your day. 

Make Contingency Plans

One common question we hear from our brides that want to experience the beauty of our waterfront wedding is, “What happens if the weather does not cooperate?” If you are planning an outdoor ceremony against the backdrop of our elegant waterfront gazebo and pergola, our team can ensure that every contingency plan is considered, from moving the ceremony indoors, to bringing in tastefully placed heaters to keep guests warm during the outdoor portion of your day. We plan for it all. 

Leave Some Wiggle Room 

While it is great to plan your day right down to the minute, we suggest leaving a little wiggle room in the schedule for unexpected occurrences. You never know when a poignant moment may need extra time, such as when your parents see you in your dress for the first time. Take the extra few minutes to really cherish each moment by giving yourself a cushion of time. 

In addition to leaving yourself a little extra time on your wedding day, make sure to leave yourself some wiggle room when it comes to your final count for the number of guests. You would be amazed how many family and friends respond right at the end, right before you need to submit the final count. 

Plan for Your Comfort Level

So many brides find that they have planned everything down to the last detail but have forgotten some comfort items that may help during the hours of anticipation, hair prep, make up, pictures and so on. Pack a small bag that has all the items to ensure you will be stress free. Some items to include in your bridal survival bag may include: extra hair pins, extra make up, make up remover, a mini sewing kit, tweezers, super glue, floss, and eye drops. Don’t forget a comfy pair of shoes or some glammed up wedding sneakers to end the night in comfort on the dance floor. Remember, our team can always help you with all of these items. Many brides find it comforting to know that they have everything they need…just in case.