February 10, 2021

Calling All Grooms! Show Off Your Style and Fashion on Your Big Day

When we think about wedding fashion, most of the attention goes to the bride; her dress, shoes, veil, and all of the accessories that make for a stunning look when she says, “I Do.” Grooms should get their fair share of the attention too. Finding what styles, textiles, patterns, fabrics, and accessories coordinate with the bride while bringing out the groom’s personality is an important part of dressing for the big day. 

Wedding day fashion for grooms has come a long way since the days of only having limited choices of blue or black suits/tuxedos for the ceremony. Let’s examine some of the unique ways that grooms are showing off their style and personality with their suits and unconventional accessories. 

bride and groom

Match the Look to the Venue & Bride 

Let’s face it, the groom is not making the decision about his attire for the wedding day on his own! The groom’s attire should take into account the venue, level of formality for the day, and somewhat, style of the bride’s dress. 

For example, if the venue is on the water’s edge and the bride is going for a summer/beachy vibe, the groom may want to choose less formal attire and go for a neutral suit, navy jacket, or a more casual shirt under the suit coat that can be worn during the reception. 

If the venue is more formal, the groom may want to choose a classic black tux, a sharp blue suit, or a traditional charcoal grey look. Matching the neckwear and pocket square to the rest of the wedding party’s color palette may also help make photos look amazing and well coordinated. 

groom fashion

Let Your Accessories Set You Apart 

In the past few years we have seen some grooms really let their personality shine through some atypical and unconventional accessories. Here are some quick ideas that can set you apart on your big day. 

  • Rebellious footwear such as loafers instead of the traditional Wingtips, or Derby shoes. Many grooms are branching out and changing up their footwear to Converse, Vans, or even flip flops if the theme allows. 
  • Novelty items such as personalized socks, or pocket squares that can show off your interests or sense of humor. Many grooms also present fun socks and pocket squares to their groomsmen as gifts to wear to the reception.
  • Colorful neckwear such as bow ties, varying styles of knots, bold colors, novelty prints, and textures. 
  • Suspenders and belts that show off personality or match the color palette of the wedding party. 
  • Heirloom items such as brooches or cufflinks. 

Need more ideas on how to show off your personality and style with your attire on your wedding day? Check out some unique and special ideas for your wedding. The Knot has recently published more ideas in their article “Fashion Rules for Grooms” and Brides Magazine offers a similar view in their article “16 Trends Your Groom Needs to Know.