March 17, 2021

Bridesmaid Dress Trends 2021 Edition 

You’ve booked your venue, asked your best gal pals to be in your wedding party, and most importantly, found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now it’s time to start deciding on the fun details like your bridesmaid dresses. 

Before you make your final decision, check out these bridesmaid dress trends to watch for 2021 that may change your thinking when it comes to the gorgeous looks your maids will be styling in as they walk down the aisle and help you celebrate the big day. 

Bridesmaid Trends for 2021 - Photo of bridesmaids

Same Color Palette, Different Styles 

Face it, all bridesmaids are not created equal. People come in all different sizes and shapes! This means that, as the bride, you have the task of finding that one style of dress that makes each one of your party members look their best. Or do you? 

More and more brides are choosing to forgo the look of matching bridesmaids dresses. Rather, they are mixing things up and allowing wedding party members to choose a dress in the same color family in the style that they feel most comfortable in. Whether it is strapless, spaghetti straps, backless, cap sleeves, or a style that allows even more coverage, as long as the colors match, more and more brides are giving their bridesmaids freedom to choose!

Brides online suggest that this may be the biggest trend going forward in 2021. The trend of mixing and matching styles in a chosen color scheme can allow each member of the party to show off their personality while still maintaining a “member of the wedding party” appearance. 

coordinating styles

Coordinating Styles

Conversely, some brides enjoy the uniform look of each bridesmaids in the same style of dress. The way that they choose to mix-it-up is to allow each bridesmaid to choose a different color or a color within a “family” of colors for their dress. 

By staying in a certain color palette, bridesmaids can coordinate with each other and the bouquets they carry down the aisle. Maintaining the same style but allowing for color variations is also a great idea when differentiating a Maid/Matron of Honor or Junior Bridesmaids from the rest of the wedding party.  

Playful Patterns

When you think about bridesmaid dresses, you most often think about a monochromatic look. Harper’s Bazaar online reports that bold and playful patterns may be the trend that can give your wedding photos that pop of color you are looking for. Harper’s Bazaar’s columnist, Carrie Goldberg states, “Emerging from a year like 2020, 2021 is all about bold and playful prints that make us smile, done in chic new ways.”

Go With the Unexpected 

If you are a bride that likes to live life outside the box, you may be interested in a trend that may be emerging in 2021 – Bridesmaid Jumpsuits! 

WeddingWire online states that, “Jumpsuits will be a popular alternative to bridesmaid dresses in 2021, not only because they’re fun to wear, but because they’re perfect for courthouse ceremonies, micro-weddings, and other events when you want a polished look without too much fuss. “

Check out the wide array of styles, color palettes, and unexpected possibilities for this year’s bridesmaid dresses at, the Knot, Brides, or Harper’s Bazaar. Whatever you choose, our Danversport event spaces both indoors and out can be the perfect backdrop for those all important wedding photos!