December 16, 2020

5 Essential Wedding Tips To Keep Your Sanity During Wedding Planning 

Planning a wedding is one of the most monumental events in anyone’s life. It can be incredibly special and filled with moments that will be cherished for a lifetime, but this process can also be extremely stressful for the couple. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 essential wedding tips from wedding planner experts, psychologists, and couples who have been there about keeping your sanity as the wedding day approaches. 

#1 – Accept the Things You Can Not Change 

Let’s start with probably the hardest part of planning for any event – the unexpected. No one can really tell you if it will rain, snow, or be absolutely too sunshiny on the day of your wedding. Mother Nature is a fickle woman who cannot be changed. Accept that whatever the weather is, you will enjoy the day being with all the people you love so dearly!


In addition to the weather, try to let go of any of the things you cannot control or change in any way. Fretting over Aunt Sue that doesn’t get along your other aunts will only make you crazy and won’t change the outcome of the day.

bridesmaids in a line

#2 – Enlist the Help of Family & Friends 

Don’t try to juggle it all especially in the days and weeks leading up to the big day. Ask bridesmaids, friends, and family to help with items that do not need your sign off such as wrapping the wedding party gifts, picking guests up at the airport, or even printing the programs for the ceremony. Choose people you trust and who know your preferences to complete these tasks so you can take a little time to enjoy the process. 

#3 – Keep Everyone Informed 

One of the overwhelming aspects of planning a wedding is getting a million texts, phone calls, and emails about where to be and when. Keep your entire wedding party, family, and guests all on the same page with no surprises by publishing the schedule. Many young couples use their wedding website to keep a detailed account of when and where things are being held so that everyone has a source to check before they start pestering the bride or groom with questions. 

Modern Chic Bride and Groom in colorful converse

#4 – Be Flexible 

Chances are there will be snafus at some point during the wedding planning process even right up to the moments before you say “I Do.” Keep this in mind. Be prepared to be flexible. In fact, wedding experts believe that the brides and grooms that are the least stressed are those that have the ability to be flexible. For example, be flexible over things that won’t matter once the wedding day is long over such as the specific style of the wedding linens, bridesmaids hairstyles, and the ultimate jigsaw puzzle known as the seating chart. 

#5 – Pamper Yourself 

The days leading up to the ceremony and reception can be hectic and stress filled. Carve out some time to do something that will keep you balanced and happy. Take a walk with your partner, have breakfast with your best friends, get a massage, or just spend some alone time absorbing this monumental day that is fast approaching. Being in the moment is the best way to keep your head and heart joy filled as you make your promises in front of family and friends. Congratulations!