DIY Centerpieces For Fall

September 3, 2019

Wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming.

Between choosing a venue, finding the right vendors, staying within budget and ultimately making all the decisions, there is a lot to orchestrate!

You’ll be weighing the decisions on your must-haves, and the things on which you can compromise. Consider the elements of your planning and curation that may save you some money, and can instead complete through DIY projects.

Creativity goes such a long way, and anything homemade is always better, right? This rings true for tying the knot, too! Making centerpieces and floral designs can cut costs, while still providing the look you of your dreams.

Read on to learn how you can create your own centerpieces for your fall wedding.

How Many Centerpieces Will You Make?

Crafting centerpieces yourself starts with some planning, as any element of wedding planning does. You should include one centerpiece per table, and consider placing extras on side tables, bars, and food/serving tables as well. When you have your final guest list confirmed, and you’ve received all of your RSVPs, you can get a clear count and the exact number you will need.

Gather Necessary Materials

Many centerpieces incorporate mason jars, lanterns, glass cylinders or vases, and other rustic yet elegant design items. Some couples-to-be create centerpieces using artificial flowers, shells or sand, floating candles, and more. In the end, purchase containers that suit your wedding style and theme.

Choosing Flowers

Get your flowers from a local florist, farm, or pick them from a garden you love. The ultimate goal is to make your centerpieces personal to you. Additionally, Baby’s Breath, Leather Fern, and Eucalyptus leaves are perfect for adding some support for extra detail. The variations of leaves will not only add some accents, but also act as a filler for you arrangement. Once you have gathered all of your materials, you can get to crafting!

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