Modern Wedding Trends at Danversport: Pets, Wedding Hashtags, Photo Booths and More!

August 10, 2019

Throughout our history at Danversport, we’ve seen some beautiful, classic, fun and creative wedding trends from our venues. When you’re considering your options for wedding venues, you want to ensure you book a venue that allows you to make your wedding personal, creative, and just how you want it. 

Working with a Danversport wedding coordinator is an intimate and special experience. Our coordinators take your wedding dreams and bring them to life, exactly how you wish to see. Danversport staff and coordinators do absolutely everything they can to create the perfect experience based on your wants, needs, and desires. 

Take a look at some of the awesome wedding trends we help to make happen at Danversport.

Pets in the Wedding

For many couples, your dog is your best friend. When you don’t have kids yet, the family dog is a huge part of your life, and it only feels right to include them in the ceremony and reception. Danversport makes it possible for your pet to be a huge part of your big day. Dress your dog up in his or her very best collar and bow tie, and allow them to walk you down the isle, even stand right next to you when you say your vows. Having your furry friend present helps with wedding day jitters and adds to the emotional support! We love seeing dogs dressed up for wedding days, and we think it’s a great opportunity for couples to be able to include pets at their weddings. 

Signage, Posters, & Displays

When a couple is planning their wedding, they will often request to include some type of wedding signage. This includes either the last name of the couple, the classic Mr. & Mrs. signs, and some sort of combination of mirrors and lights. Signs are an elegant and classic trend that add to the officiality of the big day. It all feels real when you see your new last name in big bright lights. It’s a bold and dramatic way to bring even more of the best attention to this beautiful life transition. When it comes to posters and displays, and couples make these requests, we make it happen at Danversport. This is one of the benefits of working with our wedding coordinators. We work to ensure your wedding encompasses every bit of detail you want, with all set-up included. 

Photo Booths, Hashtags, & Creativity

Some of the best wedding trends we’ve seen have been the ones based off personality and creativity of the couple. Allow your friends to try a photo booth at your wedding, and bring home silly photos as a momento of your big day. 

Wedding hashtags made specific for each couple are a great way to get your wedding guests, family, and loved ones involved on social media. When you, your family, and friends post to social media using your wedding hashtag, the social platforms group all of these hashtagged posts in one spot. This makes it simple to view your wedding progression as a journey over time, and can often tear-jerking to look back on. Creating your wedding hashtag is always fun as you can play on both of your names, your last name, and wedding terms. 


Say your names are Julie and Dave. Check out these creative examples for wedding hashtags









These are just a few examples, and you can get really creative with your first and last names, when you met, and other relevant key words to your relationship. 

These Danversport wedding trends give each wedding that “awe” factor, every time. When you’re getting creative, and planning for your wedding, you can utilize these trends and make yours everything you imagine. If you have any questions about booking a wedding venue, reach out to Danversport staff directly and we can assist you. 


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