Planning Your Fall Wedding

August 6, 2019

What makes a Fall wedding spectacular? 

At Danversport, we know it’s a beautiful wedding venue and view, bright autumn colors, and vibrant flowers and decor. 

Autumn weddings in New England are made beautiful with a picturesque wedding venue by the ocean. The summertime can be busy for everyone, and can be challenging to coordinate a wedding. If the summertime is not for you, if you’re not a hot summer sunshine person and if you’re waiting for the right timing, Autumn could be the ideal time for you to host your wedding at Danversport.

Fall Colors Create Bubbling Energy For Your Wedding

Fall colors are the classic bright burgundy red, burnt orange, hunter green and beige or brown. These colors incorporated into a wedding always look immaculate. These colors bring SO much liveliness to a wedding! 

When you book a venue by the water, the beautiful Fall colors blend so nicely with the blue hue shimmering off the harbor. When the sun is shining, but it’s not too hot, host your wedding half indoor half outdoor. Utilize the season, the temperature, and the New England scenery to your advantage during this time of year. The essence of Fall colors bring a peaceful, elegant and beautiful energy about your wedding.

Flowers & Bouquets That Bring Dimension to Your Wedding

At Danversport, we can help you choose your flowers from Petals in Peabody, MA. Bridal Bouquets for the Fall flowers include red and orange roses and tiger lilies with beautiful green leaves and stems. Multi colored bouquets create a dynamic aesthetic. Add dimension to your bouquets by requesting certain flowers, colors, and arrangements. Petals is so nice to work with  

Bringing Your Wedding to Life

Breathe life into your wedding venue with fall decor. Fall decor consists of woodland and forest elements, like leaves, branches, acorns, and so much more. Our team at Danversport is ready to help you curate the venue of your dreams. No matter what theme you’re going for when it comes to venue staging, we can help you plan, set-up and deliver on point. Leave the organization and details to us. 

If you’re considering a Danversport Venue in which to curate a beautiful Autumn wedding, reach out to our staff today to inquire about availability. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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