Danversport Brides & Grooms At Our Bridal Tasting Events

May 23, 2019

How could you possibly know what you want to serve at your wedding without a taste first?


We think the same thing. That’s where our wonderful tasting events come in. When you choose a beautiful venue at Danversport to host your wedding, you are invited to attend a tasting event. Our tasting events are designed to give Danversport couples a chance to try just about everything before deciding on a menu package.When brides and grooms are preparing for their wedding, this event is beyond helpful. Here’s how the events work:


When you arrive and you’re greeted at the door by our team. We seat you in the beautiful Harborview Ballroom and Sun Deck venue. The room is gracefully curated upon your arrival so you truly get the wedding feel when you’re trying our menu.


You’re seated at an elegant table with an immaculate setting, just like you’d imagine for your own wedding! As this takes place in the Harborview Ballroom, many couples get to see their venue set up similarly to how it will be for their wedding reception. All the other event venues are set up and available for viewing as well. It’s a special event which hints at the beauty and ambiance of your Danversport wedding. With flowers surrounding the tables, perfect lighting, and menu options to sample right in front of you, the event is unmissable for couples making decisions during the home stretch of wedding planning.


From our specialty hors d’ oeuvres and stations to full dinner entrees and desserts, we allow you to get a taste of everything while our team answers any questions you may have. Here’s how we help to keep you organized through the tasting:


  • We provide Danversport couples with a pamphlet to take notes and keep track of their thoughts.
  • Everything you can taste at the event is outlined on paper for you to mark whether you tasted or passed on this item, your immediate thoughts, and other comments.
  • The list provides details and descriptions of each menu offering so you can look back, remember what you like, and read the details about each dish.

Throughout the tasting, you can experience menu items ranging from our classic hors d’oeuvres on a beautiful display, to our pasta, salads, soups, and potential upgrades you can add to your catering package.


An Opportunity to See Our Beverage Stations In Action

You can see our beverage stations in action when you attend the bridal tasting event, and get a feel for how things will work when you offer these beautifully decorated booths at your Danversport wedding. Our team pours cocktails fresh for your guests at these stations.


With many different types of drinks available. The sangria station, for example, could feature fresh sangria, delicious mixed beverages, Mai Tais, and seasonal drinks. The Moscow mule station is displayed perfectly, and we pour each beverage in the classic Moscow mule mug for the full effect.


When guests get a glimpse of these stations, it’s a no brainer when it comes to decision making. The fun and creative set-up, paired with our friendly staff, make our cocktail stations a hit for every wedding!


Staff On Hand, Ready To Answer Questions

The best part about the event is that you can find the experienced staff nearby, ready to assist you in your decision making. When you try something and right away have questions about the menu offerings, you’re surrounded by experienced staff members.

Whether it’s questions regarding a gluten allergy, a wine pairing, or herbs and spices of a dish, the staff is ready to answer any questions you may have. Danversport staff’s goal is to help couples make decisions and allows people to feel comfortable and confident in what they’re choosing for their big day.

Many couples attend the bridal tasting event with family members, friends, and other loved ones. After all, it’s an important process that you want to get perfect. Everyone’s opinion matters, and what better way to get their opinion than to attend the bridal tasting event with your loved ones?

Wedding planning consists of some serious decision making. To combat this stress, the tasting events help couples who are hosting their weddings at Danversport. As you’re planning your wedding, be sure our bridal tasting event is one of your first stops. Contact us with questions at (978) 774-8622.

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