May Weddings: Beautiful Flowers, Bright Colors, & Total Elegance

May 8, 2019

Weddings during May can be absolutely breathtaking. There are so many ways the time of year influences the nature of a May wedding!

When a couple ties the knot in the bright sunshine and the beautiful outdoor weather, you can feel the happiness radiating from the two. Spring can also bring feelings of renewal, revival, and freshness. For these reasons and many more, spring is considered the best time of year to get married. Read on to learn about the beauty of weddings in May at Danversport!

Springtime Flowers, Bouquets & Centerpieces An intricate tablesetting and centerpiece in the Danversport Harborview Ballroom

The flowers that detail your wedding typically reflect the season. Spring weddings often include light-colored flowers, pinks, lilacs, and soft pastels. White flowers are always timeless and classic.

At Danversport weddings, many of our brides use Petals elegant floral designs in Peabody, MA. Petals’ fresh flowers will bring your wedding to life, and the colors you choose will be everything! With complimentary consultations, reach out to them and see what flowers they could arrange for your wedding. We love seeing matching flowers spread throughout the venue, on tables as centerpieces, and bouquets for your bridesmaids.

Bright Spring Colors White Tables and Chairs on overlook

Colors can be utilized not only in flowers, but everywhere throughout the venue. Carpets, table clothes, accessories, decorations, invitations, desserts, balloons, and even in attire, tuxedos, and dresses are all opportunities to express color.

The colors throughout a spring wedding are refreshing yet eye-popping. You’ll typically see the classic spring pastels, but you’ll also see beautiful shades of green, navy blue, and bright yellow.

Waterfront Weddings & Outdoor Venues

When you’re situated by the water you will want to spend time outside during your wedding celebration. Danversport’s gardens, Gazebo, and Pergola all have outdoor waterfront views for you and your guests.. Weather permitting, Danversport’s wedding venues allow you to spend time both indoors and outdoors during your wedding!

With stunning views of coastal waters, scenic gardens, and outdoor ceremony sites, there is no other venue quite like Danversport during the spring. Enjoy the spectacular beauty of New England while celebrating with family and friends at the North Shore’s premier wedding destination. If you’re interested in booking a Spring wedding at Danversport, reach out to us today at 978-774-8622. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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