Spring & Summer Outdoor Weddings at Danversport

April 15, 2019

What’s Better Than A Spring Or Summer Outdoor Wedding?A happy could under a tree with cherry blossoms falling around them


With stunning views of coastal waters, scenic gardens, and outdoor ceremony sites, there aren’t many other outdoor venues quite like the ones home to Danversport.


Family and friends gather to celebrate, enjoy the sunshine, and spend time together on such a big day. When we host weddings, there’s nothing more heart-warming to see.

Harborview Ballroom balcony view

A venue that allows guests to spend time inside as well as outside is always a hit. You can channel the nice weather, and incorporate this sunshiney mood into your big day. Everyone is happier in the warm weather and fresh air. What better way to bring people happiness on your big day than to curate a relaxing space to enjoy outdoors?


Our venues that allow access to the outdoors are by far our favorite at Danversport Yacht Club. These outdoor venues are one of the reasons Danversport is the premier wedding destination of the North Shore.


The Harborview Ballroom & Sun Deck

The Harborview Ballroom is our main and largest venue. This opens up right in front of you as you enter through the big double doors of Danversport Yacht Club. The timeless chandelier is usually what catches the eye as you first walk in…. And then you notice the sun deck. The sun deck is the most picture perfect feature for this ballroom.


The Harborview Ballroom includes access for wedding guests to walk outside, and enjoy the beautiful sun deck overlooking the water. The sun deck allows a gorgeous view, and a great location for photography. This is the reason the Harborview Ballroom has its name! Enjoy a view of the harbor with the option to be inside and outside. Check out the Harborview Ballroom & Sun Deck on our website for more details about capacity, square feet, and catering suggestions for this venue.


The Terrace BallroomA bride and groom stand on the path leading to the Danversport Pergola

This venue is one of our favorite venues that really shows off it’s sparkle during the spring and summer seasons. The Terrace Ballroom allows for guests to mingle comfortably, both inside and out. The large dance floor gets everyone on their feet. The venue is complete with a magnificent pergola, waterside patio, and gardens for an organic, botanical feel. Every wedding held in the Terrace Ballroom is always blooming with color and brightness at this time of year. For more specific details about our Terrace Ballroom, visit our website.


Lighthouse Point and Courtyard

For more intimate weddings, our Lighthouse Point & Courtyard venue is the way to go. With a great function room, the venue offers water views on three sides and a rock waterfall centered in our beautiful tented courtyard. This venue is one of the most popular wedding venues among our clients because of the love for the tented courtyard and patio games that get everyone excited. Check out more about the Lighthouse Point and Courtyard on our website.

Photo of a couple from behind as they look out at the marina at sunset

The season in which you choose to celebrate your wedding is everything. The season allows you to utilize outdoor space, curate a summer themed or barbecue style menu, and feature a fun and fruity specialty cocktail. Everyone will come together for your big day at one of the best times of the year.


Spring and summer weddings are a no-brainer for some couples. If you’re looking for the perfect indoor-outdoor wedding venue for you, Danversport has tons of breathtakingly beautiful options.


Planning a wedding? Reach out to Danversport Yacht Club at 978-774-8622 for more information about our waterfront wedding venues.


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