Danversport Top Wedding Trends & Traditions

April 10, 2019

Danversport has been the premier wedding destination on the North Shore for years. We’ve hosted so many weddings at Danversport, and we’re happy we’ve been able to help make dreams come true.


Throughout so many different sizes and styles of weddings we’ve seen, there are some unique wedding trends & traditions that we want to highlight this month.


Wedding trends come and go, but we recognize certain elements and of weddings as classic, timeless and special. We don’t expect these trends to ever go out of style. These are special and specific moments that are always so beautifully planned. 


A couple smiles for the camera while cutting the cake in the Harborview Ballroom

Bridesmaid Traditions

The way in which brides choose to include their best friends in their ceremonies is always breathtaking. Seeing how women choose to honor their friends is special, and watching the traditions unfold while wedding preparations are in full swing is always noteworthy about each wedding.

Hand-Written, Personal

Brides love to create hand-written messages and gifts for their bridesmaids. We love seeing the chemistry between the bride and her bridesmaids. Everyone is just so elated to be there, and the way in which the bride recognizes her friends is truly special. These gifts and gestures are sometimes nautical and New England themed, and we love this as Danversport is situated right on the water.


If you’re tying the knot soon, consider how you want to honor your bridesmaids. Will you allow them to choose their gowns? What will you present to them on your wedding day? Will you take part in traditions with these life-long friends?


Couple dances beneath the Harborview Ballroom chandelierFirst Meal & First Dance as a Couple

When the bride and the groom tie the knot, traditionally they enjoy their first dance and dinner together. The fashion in which couples choose to do this is always so interesting, and it’s different upon every couple.

First Dance

Some couples choose to dance to a specific, romantic song, and this is always enchanting and moving for everyone. Other couples choose to keep things light and playful, and choose a happy, upbeat song to dance about to. Some couples even plan cute choreography or playful scenes for their debut as Mr. and Mrs.

First Dinner

The first meal is always a big moment. Some newlyweds choose to sit at the table with their families to enojy their first meal. Other couples choose to sit at their own table, on a stage or a platform, to be seen by all guests. This is quite a surreal moment, and whichever way couples choose to go is always an elegant statement.


Meaningful Momentos

We love when couples choose to personalize their weddings, and there are so many elements of a wedding that can be personalized. This includes photo books, banners, storyboards, cute signage, and other things that represent the couple. When thinking about personalizing your wedding, think of how you and your bride/groom met. Think of your story, and think about how you can best bring your personality into your wedding.


The more personal your wedding is, the more meaningful it will be for you and your guests. You can really hit home with some of these awesome trends and traditions. If you have questions about our venues at Danversport Yacht Club, reach out to us at 978-774-8622 for more information.


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