Our Favorite Moments of a Wedding

February 1, 2019

Over the past 50 years, Danversport Yacht Club has been your premier wedding destination on the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout these years in business, we’ve seen all kinds of wedding celebrations in all different fashions. From outdoor weddings under our Tent Pavilion, to tying the knot in front of a picturesque sunset in the Harborview Ballroom. It’s tough to pinpoint our favorite moments of our weddings. There are just so many! In this blog, we’re going to discuss a few of the most magical and memorable moments from weddings at Danversport Yacht Club.


A couple kisses under an umbrella under the pergola at the Danversport Yacht Club


The Bridal Entrance

When a bride enters the scene for the first time and is walked down the aisle to her spouse, the energy in the room is beyond noticeable. With family, friends and loved ones surrounding, usually teary-eyed and always filled with happiness, the walk down the aisle is always one of our favorite moments.


Detailed floral decor in the Garden Terrace


The Gathering

As families are filled with joy and excitement after the ceremony, they await the bride and groom’s re-entrance. Everyone is always on edge with anticipation for this entrance, as it’s the first time the couple will be seen as Mr. and Mrs. This gathering is always exciting and memorable, because all of the planning has finally come together, and we can see how families realize it’s always well worth the effort.


Listening to the moving toasts to the newlyweds is moving and beautiful. Family members, siblings, cousins, and friends all stand to vouch for the couple, wish them good luck, and share beautiful memories. Our team of wedding coordinators at Danversport love these toasting moments because we feel honored to be chosen as the destination for such a beautiful beginning.



Catching the Bouquet

We love watching the bride toss her bouquet because it’s always so inspiring for all females in attendance at the wedding. It allows the single ladies to share their passion with the bride, and get excited about their own future in such a beautiful environment.

At all of our weddings, no matter which venue the couple chooses, there’s always evident happiness and lightness filling the air. A wedding day is truly a day like no other. At Danversport Yacht Club, we’re honored to host this special day for our guests. If you have questions about our venus, reach out to us at 978-774-8622 today.

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