January 2019 Wedding Trends

January 10, 2019

January is here! As we ring in the New Year, we can get excited about the weddings we’ll be attending during this month and throughout the winter months. We’ve noticed some beautiful January wedding trends, and we wanted to highlight a few trends we’re expecting this year. Read on for wedding trends and possibilities for January 2019.


Attire and dress materials for January weddings are beautiful, polished, and stylish. Faux fur is included in many outfits, with vests, jackets, scarves, and headbands. Velvet tops, blouses, skirts, and loafers are popular among wedding guests in the winter. These shiny and intricate materials paired with the winter color palette gives winter weddings a feel unlike any other.


Winter Colors

The winter color pallet is a favorite of most. When holding formal events like weddings in the winter, these colors are being used tremendously. Bridesmaid dresses are popular in dark reds, deep royal or navy blues, and silver, white, and icy accents. Sparkle and shine with accessories, jewelry, and other accents are absolutely in for winter weddings.


Ice Sculptures

An ice sculpture can add elegance and grace to any wedding. In January, we see tons of beautiful ice sculptures, carvings, signs, and decorations to accent weddings. When the weather outside is frightful, people are incorporating ice sculptures into their wedding designs to bring that cool and chilling feel right into their wedding venue. Event planners, brides, and grooms have a lot to work with when playing off the cold, icy detail of winter. This is what makes wintertime weddings so unique, encapsulating the natural beauty of the season into one of the biggest days of their lives.


Drip Cakes

Cakes that include icing that looks as if it’s dripping is one of the most beautiful trends we’ve seen for January weddings. The dripping look of the icing gives a moving sensation, which makes these cakes look more appealing than ever. It almost looks as if these cakes are melting, and pairs well with the icy theme. Instead of going with a cake with a classic appearance for a wedding in January, order a drip cake for the ultimate appearance and beauty. Drip cakes have been one of the most popular trends we’ve seen.

Winter Desserts

Hot chocolate, fondue, cookies, and baked goods are popular for winter wedding treats. We love to see hot chocolate samples and other comfort sweets served and loved by everyone. You can dip almost anything in a chocolate fondue fountain! Offer fresh fruit for your guests to dip and love.

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