This is Only Possible at a Wintertime Wedding…

January 1, 2019

What’s the beauty behind winter weddings? The answer lies in the season. Couples have all of the seasons to choose from when deciding what time of year to tie the knot. But there’s a reason why brides and grooms are constantly choosing the wintertime to hold their wedding celebrations. Read on to learn about these wedding elements that are ONLY possible at winter weddings.



Make it Snow!

Snow machines are a beautiful touch to a winter wedding. Imagine a light flurry of snow falling as the bride is walking down the aisle to meet her groom. How beautiful? There’s nothing more picturesque.


Faux Fur Layers

During the summer, brides can’t layer up for photos or for entrances. During the winter, however, brides can wear long sleeves, faux fur jackets or vests, and include cute winter elements in photoshoots and entrances like plaid blankets or super fluffy, cozy scarves and neckpieces. Brides can dress up their wedding dress in the most stylish winter fashions that are only acceptable during this time of year. If you love the cold, you can incorporate your favorite winter looks into your big day.




hot chocolate in mug with marshmallows

Winter Wedding Cocktails

Rumchata, salted caramel, peppermint schnapps hot chocolate, twisted hot apple cider, and so many more. There are endless options and flavors for your bartender to concoct into the perfect winter wedding cocktails. Experiment with these flavors beforehand to decide exactly which cocktails you want to feature. These cocktails are only appropriate during the winter, so take advantage of them.

Danversport Yacht Club can help you curate your dream wintertime wedding. Include these elements that are only possible during this season to hold a truly unforgettable wedding ceremony. What do you like most about winter weddings? What’s your favorite part about celebrating when the weather outside is frightful?


Are you looking to tie the knot during the wintertime? Danversport’s experienced Wedding Coordinators and all-inclusive wedding packages make preparing for your special day worry-free. Reach out to your premier wedding destination, Danversport Yacht Club, at 978-774-8622.


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