3 Themes for December Weddings

December 10, 2018

In December, there are many trends in wedding styles and themes. The warm weather has finally set sail, and we’ve welcomed the colder temperatures with open arms. Wedding trends greatly reflect the time of year. We see trends in December that capture the very essence of the time of year. Read this blog to learn about common wedding trends in the month of December. December means Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed, and Christmas is not quite here yet. This is a unique month of the year because wedding trends are always such a beautiful mix of rustic, romantic, and seasonal.


The Rustic or Harvest theme…

is very popular because we’re still saying goodbye to all that autumn has to offer. Although pumpkin picking, hayrides, and corn mazes are left behind with October, we still see the harvest themes incorporated in December. These rustic and harvest themes work well in any type of venue, and they are perfect for piquing the interests of the young ones. At your rustic or harvest themed wedding, decorate with warm autumn colors and flowers. Colors should include warm colors like red, orange, yellow, brown, and green. Serve pies instead of cake and a warm, hearty meal of homestyle food. When designing for this theme, think of a family atmosphere, a fun and homestyle vibe.


rustic themed wedding


A Romantic Red themed…

wedding is elegant and timeless. This theme is popular in December serving as a great preview for the deep December reds we’re anxiously anticipating at Christmas time. You can achieve a Romantic Red wedding theme with many accentuated elements. Get this deep and romantic feel with black or dark tablecloths and red roses. Get creative with different shades of red for your table settings, calligraphy signage, and invitation designs. Decorate your cake with black, white, and red colors. Serve chocolate covered strawberries and pieces of fudge. Sprinkle glitter here and there, and include deep colored tones and accents throughout the venue. Colors that work well for a Romantic Red would be all shades of red, black, white, navy, beige, and brown. When designing for this theme, think of a deep romantic evening, red wine, and a black tie affair.


Red roses for wedding


A Calming and Simple Theme…

can be easily achieved with beige and pastel colors. Keep your decorations and details simple. Flowers and other elements of design should be pastel colors like sunshine yellow, soft pink, coral blue, and melon green. The calming and relaxing elements will come with simple flowers and these soft colors. This calm and simple theme is desirable in December because there is often a lot going on at this time of year. It serves as a nice break from the many holiday designs. This transforms any venue into a relaxing and inviting space to celebrate love. When designing for this theme, think of daisies, cotton, and linen.


Calming wedding colors


These themes are all beautiful in their own ways. December is a popular month for weddings, and they are all filled with so much creativity. We hope this gives you ideas about some of the best wedding trends we’ve seen! To contact Danversport Yacht Club, call 978-774-8622 or email weddings@danversport.com.

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