What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

December 5, 2018


Choosing an outfit for a winter wedding can be challenging. You want it to be warm, functional, and stylish all at the same time. There are tons of styles of dress and attire for winter weddings, but choosing the right one can be tricky. We are here to help! We wrote this blog to help you decide on the best attire to wear for a winter wedding this season.


winter wedding rings on snowy tree branch


Sleeves: Long or Short?
Long sleeves or short sleeves is always a question when it comes to tops. If you go with a long sleeve dress or blouse, be sure to think about the temperature. You don’t want to be too warm inside the wedding venue. If you go with a short sleeve look, pair with a cardigan or something else in case you get cold.


Winter Wedding Attire Design
For females, the lace look, the pleated or the peplum look is classic for a winter wedding. Choosing a short dress or a long dress will depend on shoes and accessories. If you go with a shorter dress, be sure to wear leggings or tights underneath. If you go for a longer dress, pair your shoes accordingly. Heels are common with a short dress, and flats work well with a longer dress. For males, your suit is everything! Pair your cufflinks with other accessories, and match your shoes accordingly.

Bow Tie Men's Suit

Winter Wedding Attire Color
Colors for winter weddings are classic, earthy, and elegant. Navy blue, brown, burgundy, and dark grey are all wintertime colors that look beautiful in wedding photos. For females, dresses or pants and blouses can be mismatched. Play with two-tones of burgundy and brown look, or go for a deep navy blue get up. For males, consider a navy blue, dark brown, or burgundy colored suit.


Wedding Footwear in the Winter
You want to wear shoes that agree with the outfit, yet are still durable and safe outdoors. When it’s icy, snowy, or rainy, you want to make sure you can walk in and out of the venue safely. Are the heels you really want to wear unsafe for outdoors and snowy weather? Consider bringing a change of shoes, but make sure you have somewhere to leave the shoes or boots that you wear inside.

Outerwear for a Winter Wedding
Remember that your jacket, suit jacket, shawl, or coat will be worn into the venue, but taken off at the door. Be sure your outerwear works with your outfit underneath and keeps you warm enough in passing. Try to keep your outerwear as stylish as your outfit, and be sure they match well even though you’ll remove garments upon arrival.


You want to look your best when attending a loved one’s wedding. With these colors, ideas, and designs to think about, you’ll have your outfits on point for a wintertime wedding. Contact Danversport Yacht Club today by phone at 978-774-8622, by email at weddings@danversport.com, or visit our weddings page.


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