Planning the Wintertime Wedding of Your Dreams

December 1, 2018

When the first snowfall comes each year, it reminds us how truly beautiful mother nature can be during the winter months. Many people choose to tie the knot during the winter because it’s the warmest and most hearty time of the year. Newlyweds can curl up by the fireplace, and enjoy the cozy scenes snowfall creates. The natural backdrops created during the winter can give the ambiance of your wedding a truly magical feel. If you want to have your wedding during the winter, read this blog to see what you can include in the wintertime wedding of your dreams.

Bride and Groom standing outside while it's snowing


Winter Wedding Icy Detail

When planning the details and design of your wedding, play off the white and icy tones. When designing your invitations, name cards, signage, etc., get creative with white, blue, and silver colors. With design, think of snowflakes and beautifully frozen fractals. When ordering flowers and ribbons, think of these cool, icy colors as well. You can design your table settings, napkins, flowers, and all of the other elements of your wedding to have this icy detail.


An intricate tablesetting in the Danversport Harborview Ballroom


Winter Comfort Foods

As you will be offering food, appetizers, or desserts to your guests, think of hearty comfort foods that everyone wants when they are chilly. Think roasted veggies, warm soups, baked chicken, and braised beef. For desserts, think of coffee, hot chocolate, warm baked cookies, even chocolate lava cake. Think of flavors like cinnamon, pumpkin, and peppermint.


Prime Rib of Beef


The Venue

You will choose a venue for your wintertime wedding, and the venue will play a huge part in creating the mood for your big day. To capture the winter brightness and chilly essence of the season, look into booking a venue with windows and doors for natural light and views to the outdoors. If you’re really lucky, the snow will fall and create a beautiful aesthetic for wedding photos.


An intricate tablesetting and centerpiece in the Danversport Harborview Ballroom


Weddings during the wintertime can be breathtaking. It doesn’t surprise us when guests say they want to book their wedding during the winter. The black and white attire of the bride and groom paired with a winter scene is absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for more information about our wedding venues, reach out to Danversport Yacht Club at (978) 774-8622.

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