Curate Your Cuisine: Choosing A Menu For Your Wedding

November 13, 2018

There are endless details to consider when it comes to wedding planning. Deciding on the food in which you will serve at your wedding may seem like one of the most important decisions. You want to satisfy each and every one of your guests, and offer the highest quality of cuisine possible. Not only do you have to choose the cuisine, but you have to think about presentation, timing, number of guests, and more. Read through this blog to help you decide how you’ll choose the food and beverage that you serve at your wedding. Curate the wedding menu of your dreams with these ideas to get you started.

Logistics: Size and Style
Consider your wedding size and theme when choosing your menu. If you’re planning a small, intimate wedding, you may not need a large catering package. If you have an extensive guest list, you can choose from multiple types of catering packages to serve, from small snacks to full meals. Consider the time of your wedding: will you be serving brunch, lunch, cocktails, or dinner food? Do you want Latin, Italian, Southern style, or a different style of food served? How many people will be in attendance?

Special Requests
If you work with your catering company, you can request a certain type of food. With enough time, they can usually accommodate accordingly.

Seasonal Cocktail

Full Service?
A full service catering package will include your tablecloths, silverware, napkins, etc. This may be ideal for you, depending on your type of event. Consider your venue and all the details/logistics of renting when deciding whether or not you need full service. Do need to provide tables and chairs? Does your venue provide this first? These are questions you want to have answered.

Cocktails/Open Bar
When you have the planning and logistics in place, decide whether you’ll want to include cocktails, table services, or an open bar. When planning the cocktail menu and considering your bar offerings, think of the season, and think of what your guests will really want to enjoy.

Seasonal Trends and Tables
If your wedding is near Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other major holiday, you can incorporate these themes into some of your dishes. Think of hearty cooked meals, flavorful fruit glazes, and roasted and baked vegetables. If you don’t want to include these items in your meals, consider setting up side tables with little offerings, hors-d’oeuvres, or sample trays. Side tables with themes like seasons or artisanal offerings are always a huge hit. These seasonal themes can be incorporated into a seasonal cocktail or drink menu as well.

Appetizers at wedding

Every detail of wedding planning must be done right in order to ensure the theme and style work together. High quality, tasty food is an effective way to link your style, theme, appearance, and presentation. These are just some ideas to get you thinking! 

What foods are you planning to feature at your wedding? What types of foods work well for large crowds? How are you going to design your cocktails? At Danversport Yacht Club, we offer offers unique wedding venues on Boston’s North Shore. With multiple venues to choose from, reach out to us at 978-774-8622 to schedule a tour.

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