A Guide to Wedding Season Fashion

November 1, 2018

An intricate tablesetting and centerpiece in the Danversport Harborview Ballroom


As wedding season is upon us, look no further for a fashion guide. We’ve created a table for you to track all of your wedding fashion for formal, outdoor, and modern-chic weddings. Let’s break it down.
Need inspiration for a wedding? Never been to a certain style of wedding? Don’t know what to expect? Trying to think of all the things you may have missed so far in your planning? Planning your attire for a wedding is never easy. However, you can find the basics for three types of weddings in this table. Whether you’re a wedding goer, or planning outfits for your own wedding this season, check out all of the things you should consider.

For the Wedding Goer:

After you plan your attire, consider the wedding venue, the duration of the commute, whether you’ll be staying overnight or not. These considerations will help you plan for attire before and after the wedding as well.
Ask the bride and groom for as much detail as possible. You don’t want to look out of place, or seem too over the top with your outfit. You want to blend well, match the theme, the venue, and the ambiance. You will want to plan accordingly. Use this table as a starting point. If your plans are very far off from the table, you may want to reconsider!

Modern Chic Bride and Groom in colorful converse
For the Wedding Hosts:

When describing your wedding plans and vision to your friends, be as detailed as possible. You will want everyone to look their best and feel their best. For photos to come out the best, choose an area in which the sunlight reflects the attire well. We wish you luck with planning your wedding attire this season, and we hope this guide helps.

Rustic wedding and couple sitting on bridge
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