Large Weddings vs. Smaller Weddings

August 8, 2018

Wedding size is usually the first and foremost thought when it comes to the preliminary steps of wedding planning. As the couple, you start asking yourselves: What size wedding will we have? Do we want mostly family? Some friends? Lots of family and tons of friends? Your answer will likely lie within expenses, budget size, and venue size. Let’s take a look at what goes into planning basic size logistics for weddings.
Bigger weddings obviously require a little more planning. When creating a guest list, imagine where everyone would be comfortable sitting. Be sure there’s enough space in your chosen venue for the number of guests you wish to invite. Map out the logistics, like the quantity of food and drinks. The venue will usually help you with seating, tables, and chairs. Be sure your headcount and RSVP list are as accurate as possible.
More people means more planning for photos and activities. When you hire a photographer, be sure s/he can take enough frames and have enough time for the number of people/pictures it will take. When planning activities, have enough balance between music, leisure, and active games/interactive elements in your set up. The more people you have, the more varied the interests of your guests will be. Think of everyone while still taking into account what you want to get out of your day.

Smaller weddings require a lot of planning, but on a slightly smaller scale, of course. You don’t need as many activities with a smaller group, and the venue may be smaller. Plan a smaller food/drink budget. The size of your wedding may help you decide if you will go with the open bar, or if you will provide free drink tickets to the bar for your guests. A smaller wedding would be acceptable to go with a full bar, whereas drink tickets may be more beneficial to you for a larger wedding.
Do you have a specific location in mind for your wedding? Do you expect your family and friends to travel for your celebration? If so, your success when traveling for a wedding will greatly depend on the size of your guest list. With a larger wedding, it may be more difficult to coordinate schedules when planning to travel to a venue or celebration location. Smaller weddings make it easier to coordinate travel plans.
The size of your wedding and the guest list help you plan where you want to have the wedding, what you need to include, how you will seat your guests, and what you will offer on your big day. The activities will reflect your desires as well as those of your guests.
Do you have more questions about the size of your wedding? Danversport Yacht Club features beautiful wedding venues of all sizes, suited for small and large weddings. Check out our venues, or contact us directly at 978-774-8622.

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