The Most Memorable Weddings

May 30, 2018

It’s officially wedding season! In honor of our favorite time of the year we’re looking back at some of the most memorable weddings that we’ve planned.

One of those weddings took place last summer…

Photography Credit: Jade Brewer Photography

Nancy Petronio, one of our Special Events Coordinators, recalls an impromptu volleyball game that broke out during Alyssa and Dan’s tented reception.

It was an unexpected and fun moment that has stuck with Nancy ever since!

Photography Credit: Jade Brewer Photography

Sometimes it’s those unplanned moments that make for the best memories while other times it’s a well-planned event that sticks out in our mind.

Megan’s wedding was so well-planned that she chose her venue when she was just a young girl. While attending her first Danversport event, Megan said, “When I meet my Prince Charming our Cinderella wedding will be here ”. Years later, Megan met Michael and they had the most spectacular reception that one could imagine!

Ron Bilodeau, our Director of Special Events, says that Megan and Michael’s celebration was full of delicious food, creative cocktails and fun games that they brought in from Party Excitement Entertainment.

We like to think Megan was destined to celebrate with us. Much like Emily who said “I Do” last fall.

Emily is the daughter of Dan DeLorenzo, the owner and executive chef at Danversport. She essentially grew up at Danversport with our special events team by her side. So, when Emily married Patrick, last October, it was a special moment for our Danversport family. Lauren Kane, another member of our special events team, says she’ll always remember Emily’s wedding day as it was a celebration that was true to her heart.

Michael Charalambous recalls another wedding that was close to his heart…his own!

Michael remembers how wonderful it was to be a guest at his own wedding. He says it was a day filled with love and family, just like Chantavia and Isom’s big day last July.

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

Heather Maurice was the special events coordinator who helped Chantavia and Isom shock their guests with a surprise wedding ceremony under our pergola.

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

Heather says the wedding was intimate and meaningful. A celebration that focused on the importance of family and an event she will never forget.

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

So, when it comes to creating an unforgettable wedding you have to make it personal! Each of these memorable nuptials spoke to the people that they celebrated. Whether it was a couple who loved volleyball or a bride who was destined to marry on our grounds… each of these celebrations told us a story that we’ll never forget!

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