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From Fourth of July cookouts to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa parties, and Halloween Spooktaculars, why not upgrade this year’s holiday party at Danversport? Located north of Boston, MA, our holiday party-ready event spaces feature gorgeous interior and exterior layouts, outstanding services, and highly customizable options, ensuring that your event is truly one for the ages.

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Our multiple venues accommodate various-sized groups, from large holiday celebrations to small cookouts to intimate luncheons. Accommodating anywhere from 25 to 650 people, our holiday party venues are perfect for small family cookouts and large corporate holiday events. Our elegant indoor spaces and outdoor tented areas overlooking the Danversport harbor are sure to create a spectacular event that you’ll want to get lots of pictures of for your social feeds. 

Holidays are moments meant for cherished celebrations, with all walks of life coming together to celebrate a single cause. Instead of having to plan your Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Christmas Party this year, why not let the experts at Danversport Events do the planning for you? 

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