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Engaging Fundraisers, Networking Events, And Staff Parties

Are you in charge of putting together your company’s corporate event? Whether you’re throwing a client-focused business meeting, employee appreciation party, or networking conference, you’ll want to make sure that your event is a truly unforgettable experience, meeting all of your event goals.

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Whether you envision a fundraising gala in the Harborview Ballroom or an intimate lecture series with a select group of invitees, Danversport’s corporate event venues transform and adapt to your needs. Our dedicated staff ensures that all corporate events go off without a hitch, understanding that these events are tremendously important for your business and career.

Most of all, corporate events at Danversport are an incredibly fun and engaging way to bring people together under the common goal of networking, professional development, or employee celebration. We’ll make sure that your corporate event is the talk of the town, mentioned at every water cooler and morning email on Monday.

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