Planning a Baby Shower at Danversport 

July 13, 2020

There is really nothing more exciting than anticipating the birth of a little bundle of joy. Whether it is a first born, or one of a larger brood, celebrating a birth is such an important occasion that should be celebrated with friends, family members, and coworkers. 

Baby showers have traditionally been a way of “showering” new parents with gifts that will help them when the baby arrives. From diapers, to clothes, to the larger pieces of apparatus such as cribs, strollers, and car seats, babies are expensive. A little help from friends and family in the form of baby gifts can help defray the costs and bring a little peace of mind to the new parents. 

Danversport has been hosting baby showers, and a long list of other special events, for years. Our event coordinators are well practiced in what needs to be done to make the event come together like clockwork. Here are a few of their tips on how to plan a baby shower for the soon-to-be parents. 

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Choose a Date and Send Invitations

Once the parents-to-be have announced the due date and registered for all the baby paraphernalia they will need, friends and family can start planning a baby shower. Choose a date that is a month or two before the due date. According to Parents magazine this is a great time for a shower because the mom-to-be will still be somewhat comfortable and will give her a chance to organize all the gifts long before the baby arrives on the scene. 

Invitations should be sent approximately a month to six weeks before the shower to give guests a chance to review their schedules, reserve the date, and shop for gifts. If you are planning on doing any special keepsakes such as handmade onesies or baby books with notes inside, this will give them a chance to get creative before the shower. 

Menu and Decor 

In the months prior to the shower, meet with your coordinator who can help you plan the menu and discuss and decor that you would like to set up on the tables or around the room. Many shower hosts choose a brunch or breakfast menu that can keep things light. Danversport has an amazing shower menu including breakfast and brunch buffets with omelette bars, quiche, waffle stations, and desserts that will make everyone happy. We also can host a dinner or lunch menu depending upon the style of shower you would like to hold. Many younger couples are now replacing baby showers with co-ed showers. We can accommodate whatever style you are looking for and create a menu from the size and style you desire. 

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Games and Activities 

Many shower hosts like to include baby games or activities that can make the event less about the opening of gifts and more about entertainment for guests. Some showers include fun and lively games that will keep the guests entertained in between the meal and the opening of gifts. Check out some of the more popular games as reported by Beaucoup online.  

Gratitude and Favors 

In your planning for the perfect baby shower, be sure to include a small keepsake or treat for guests who have made the day such a success. Shower favors could be in the form of a personal note to each attendee, a box candies, a small candle, a pack of seeds to grow, beauty supplies, or something small to remember the day. 

Remember as you plan for the special day that the ultimate goal is not to go overboard on throwing a party, but rather to shower the new parents with items they will need in the coming months when they will likely be tired but elated all at the same time. 

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