The Dos and Don’ts of Party Favors 

June 30, 2020

We host hundreds of events here at Danversport all year long. They include weddings, graduation parties, clam bakes, anniversary celebrations, proms, holiday gatherings, and corporate events just to name a few of the multitude of events we offer. One thing that many have in common are party favors! Let’s take a look at this component of many parties and how you can do party favors the right way. 

For some events, party favors are a way of thanking guests for attending. They are also used as a way of pulling together a cohesive theme. Remember to not let your party favors be an afterthought. Plan them right along with the menu, decor, and schedule of the day. The most important thing with favors is that they are well thought out, stay within budget, and are meaningful for the receiver in the weeks and months after the event. baby shower favors

Make The Favor Meaningful 

Your party favor should remind the recipient about your special day whether it was a birthday, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, prom, or wedding. Gone are the days of adding a trinket to the place setting merely as a token gift. Rather, give your guests something that will remind them of the event such as photos from the photo booth, a caricature from a caricature artist, a donation to a charity, or a boxed dessert similar to one that you served at the event. Make the favor unique to your event so it will not be discarded after the event, but kept as a memento of the time you spent together. 

Consider the Environment 

If your event was a “green” event, you may want to consider extending that theme to the party favor as well. Package seeds, small plants, personalized flower pots, mini bird feeders, watering cans, or other environmentally friendly items that match your overall theme are a few great ideas. 

In the same vein, don’t give party favors that add extra waste and packaging that will end up in the trash. Be sure to avoid products that are not biodegradable or that will clog up landfills. apple favor

Don’t Forget To Be Unique 

Think out of the box by giving several types of party favors dependent upon the person’s interests or hobbies. Add a personal note that can drive home your gratitude for the person being involved in the event and their contributions to it. 

Consider Your Time and Budget 

Obviously a lot goes into planning an event, and your budget can be a large factor in what to choose for party favors. In addition to cost, don’t forget to consider how much time it will take to put together or create the favor. For instance, while you might think making your own edible favors as a gift to all that attend might be a good idea, be sure that you will have the time in the days before the event to do all that work. 

Do you have questions about what party favors might be right for your special event? Talk to our coordinators about what we have seen work and what you may want to avoid. 

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