Celebrating New Life at Danversport 

June 23, 2020

Recently our world has learned an important lesson about the value of life and why we should love with all of our hearts! Now that our community is beginning to slowly, but surely, emerge from this pandemic, it may be a good time to start thinking about how you can safely come together and celebrate.

Once we have been given the “all clear” and understand guidelines for coming together, it may be time to introduce your close family and friends to the new life in your home. Celebrating the birth of a child, a baptism, an adoption, or holding a naming ceremony is a great way to bring together the people you care about most. 

Let our staff help you plan this gathering in a beautiful location and with a menu that will delight all of your guests. 

parents holding infant sneakers

Choosing a Venue 

As time passes and we are all able to gather as families again, you may want to choose a venue that will be able to accommodate your guests for a post baptismal or naming ceremony brunch or lunch. Our event coordinators at Danversport can help you choose a function room that will be appropriate for your number of guests. They can also help with creating a menu that will dazzle, and show you the outdoor space that will be available for your guests to mingle in during this beautiful time of year. 

Plan a Theme 

In order to welcome your newest family member, you may want to choose a theme that will be showcased on the invitations, the birth announcement, on the cake, and even in the centerpieces or party favors for the day. Some favorite themes include: pink/blue, religious traditions, trucks/cars, dolls, zoo animals, literary characters, nursery rhymes, or nature creatures. Whatever your theme, carry it out across the decor, tabletoppers, and invitation to create a cohesive appearance. 

baby on floor with parents

Activities for Children 

As this event will probably be a time to bring together family members of all ages, don’t forget about the youngest guests. It may be a good idea to plan some activities that will keep them busy at their tables or in the outdoor spaces. Have some crafts or puzzles on hand to provide easy entertainment for the little guests. It will help their parents relax and have a good time too.

If you are planning a baptism or other “welcome to the family”, party let our coordinators help you make the day special. We can assist in choosing the appropriate room, menu, decor, and vendors to make your day fun for all. 

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