Fall Event Decor for Any Occasion

November 15, 2019

Events and celebrations in the fall are made beautiful by the season. It’s a special time of year full of transition: kids are going back to school, the leaves are changing and falling, and holidays are fast approaching. 


When you’re preparing for an event, you’ll want to coordinate all elements of decor so your celebration is festive, fun, and cohesive. Read on to learn about hosting an autumn themed occasion with fall decor. 

Autumn Colors With Decor

Autumn colors and decor are beautiful for any event. The colors of orange, brown, dark red and green are so versatile, and can be used in different combinations depending on your stylistic approach. If you’re going for something formal, or something fun and edgy, these colors can go either way. For a professional event or playful celebration, your decor will be on point with the help of these colors.

Bringing In the Season

Think of elements of the fall season when planning decor. In autumn, bringing the outside to the inside can be your best approach! Think of leaves, trees, pumpkins, vegetables, cornucopias, plants and other earthy elements of the season.

Decor With Displays

Curate displays like a department store would. When you have things you want guests to see, like photos, sign-in books, photos, posters, or other information, design a cute table with a fall aesthetic. Displays are interesting ways to entertain the eye, and assure your guests are feeling inspired and festive. Get creative with your displays!

Decor With Chalkboards

Chalkboards are a creative way to present your messaging. Whether you’re highlighting something special, a greeting, a name, or an announcement, you can do it creatively and colorfully with some chalk and a  framed chalkboard. If you’re offering drinks or menus, consider writing on a chalkboard!

A Venue Can Make or Break your Celebration

The venue you choose for your fall event will dictate your set-up and decor. Look for a wide open space with enough room for mingling and networking, and you will have so many options for decor! Be sure your event space allows you the flexibility to get creative and curate a set-up that is festive and unique. There are so many event spaces at Danversport that work perfectly for all special events! Waterfront views from an elegant and timeless venue will make your celebration one to remember.

These fall decor ideas will help you bring any autumn occasion to life. Bring seasonality to the  event you’re hosting. If you’re looking for an event venue, be sure to contact us at Danversport and schedule your fall celebration. 


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