A Peek Into Our Thanksgiving Buffet At Danversport

November 13, 2019

In 1621, the first Thanksgiving took place between Pilgrims and Wampanoags of Plymouth Colony. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated with rewards from the long growing season, after the harvest. People gathered, gave thanks, and celebrated with ceremonies and camaraderie.


The History of the Holiday

The modern Thanksgiving still carries on some of these values revered in the 1600s. Today, we still enjoy quite the feast with seasonal vegetables and foods. The holiday has evolved with the additions of American traditions like football and apple pie. It’s become a holiday centered on family gathering together.

For one member of the family, however, the day does not carry the same festive meaning. Instead, this family or friend bites the bullet, and spends hours and hours preparing the delicious feast.

This Thanksgiving, we invite you to Danversport. Take off the burden of preparation from your family, and let all join in on the celebrating. If you’re looking for a fun and different approach to celebrate this season, switch things up and attend the Thanksgiving Buffet at Danversport.


What To Expect at Our Thanksgiving Buffet

When you arrive at Danversport on Thanksgiving, you’ll be seated in one of our immaculate venues with waterfront views. There is nothing like enjoying the essence of fall with views of the outdoors while indulging in a Thanksgiving feast! The Danversport experience is truly incomparable on the holidays.


The Thanksgiving Menu

While sitting around the table with loved ones, you’ll enjoy prime rib & seafood, delicious homemade soups, fruits, breads, salads, and of course, and of course, our roasted hand-carved turkey with homemade gravy! No Thanksgiving meal would be complete without yukon gold mashed potatoes, homestyle stuffing, and locally grown butternut squash with Autumn veggies.

Best of all, when you’re through with the buffet, you’ll love not having the clean up to deal with! Our staff will take great care of you, from seating and service to the final clean-up.


Gathering to Enjoy the Holiday

Holidays are a time for loved ones to gather, enjoy each other’s company, and be thankful! Sometimes we don’t get to see family members as much as we’d like to, and the holidays are the few times of the year where everyone comes together despite busy schedules and long distances.

Danversport is honored to host your family Thanksgiving. If you have questions about our menu, reach out to our staff directly and we can answer any questions you may have. Seating for the Thanksgiving Buffet is available from 12 pm to 5 pm. If you’re interested in joining us, please contact us at events@danversport.com or 978-774-8622.

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