Planning The Ultimate Halloween Celebration At Danversport

October 10, 2019

Halloween is almost here! Each year, we have businesses, schools, clubs, and fundraising organizations looking to host their Halloween celebrations at Danversport. We’re here to help you plan your Halloween party! Whether you have questions on your guest list, menu, or fun seasonal drinks, Danversport is here to help.

Halloween Celebrations for Adults 

Halloween celebrations for adults can be done perfectly at Danversport. With our open dance floors, cocktail stations and many bars available to offer your guests, you can plan the ultimate Halloween celebration for your co-workers, family, or friends. 

Adults love to have fun just like kids do on Halloween, so make sure to incorporate a costume contest party as well. Everyone loves dressing up around Halloween time! 


Incorporating seasonal autumn foods into your menu offerings will be well received by guests. Danversport can help you choose a dish or appetizers that are perfect for the fall weather. Of course, you will have to get everyone in the Halloween spirit with candy, sweets, and Halloween themed desserts.

A fall cocktail, like an apple martini or pumpkin-spiced beer will be hit at any Halloween party! Consider incorporating a delicious cinnamon sugar ring to make it even more popular. Our menu contains a number of drink station ideas, or choose to create your own fun signature drink for guests to enjoy. 

Halloween Celebrations For The Kids

Halloween parties for kids are curated slightly differently than adult parties. You will want to include fun Halloween decor, games and activities, and of course, a costume contest! Award the most festive costume with some sort of prize to get the kids excited. Will you decorate pumpkins or will you bob for apples? The Halloween activities are endless! 

Create some gift bags or goodie bags that your guests can take with them when leaving the party. Include fun gag gifts, and of course some treats. Nothing says Halloween like leaving the party with a bag of Halloween candy.

We say, the more dessert and candy, the better! Halloween parties need to keep with the “sweet” theme, so chocolate dipped pretzel rods, candy corn, and apple cider doughnuts are a MUST!

Endless Options for Halloween Celebrations at Danversport 

There are plenty of venues to choose from at Danversport, where you can host the ultimate Halloween celebration. The Harborview Ballroom and Terrace Ballroom both include plenty of room for larger groups to move, mingle, and dance on the dance floor! 

If you’re looking for a venue for a smaller crowd, the Waterfront Room and the Captain’s Quarters may be the best option for your Halloween party. If you have questions about booking a venue for your annual halloween party, reach out to us and let us help you plan your event.

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