Benefits of a Danversport Waterfront Event During September

September 17, 2019

Waterfront events in New England are exceptionally popular. Around Massachusetts in particular, coastal towns have a beautiful charm that guests at any event will appreciate. Dining and dancing by the water can give an event an elegant and classic New England aesthetic. 

The Weather Is Still Gorgeous This Time of Year!

On warm September days, cookouts and clambakes under our Tent Pavilion or on our Waterfront Patio are still in full-swing! The weather is gorgeous outside, and with our flexible indoor options, guests are comfortable booking events into September. The early fall can bring out the best weather possible in the New England region!

The Nautical Scene Coupled With Fall Sunshine

Danversport Corporate event drone view

As the sun is still shining brightly this time of year, we always see beautiful photography and idyllic moments captured on the property in the early fall. The waterfront view makes for a beautiful backdrop, allowing guests at your celebration to move about comfortably and take in the views surrounding them while capturing great photos. For beautiful photos with perfect lighting, a waterfront setting in the fall works perfectly.

Six Event Venues To Choose From At Danversport

At Danversport, we’re surrounded on three sides by water, and the entire property is landscaped meticulously. Some event rooms are accompanied by elegant outdoor tented areas, while others open up to gardens and the harbor. Each room has a different setting that lends to the uniqueness of your event.

When looking at different rooms with your Danversport Events Coordinator, you will consider many details of the event that you are booking. From the amount of guests, to whether there will be a dance floor, to leaving ample space for food stations –  all of these factors and more go into determining the right space for your event.

The Harborview Ballroom

The Harborview Ballroom is a great venue for larger groups, overlooking the harbor on which Danversport is situated. This spectacular room has a private deck overlooking the water with direct access to a gazebo and beautiful gardens. In the fall, when the temperatures drop at night, flame heaters provide warmth and illumination for your guests.

Table Setting Danversport Yacht Club

Smaller Rooms: The Waterfront Room & Lighthouse Point

The Waterfront Room and the Lighthouse Point Room are perfect for gatherings of 25 to 100 guests. The Lighthouse Point offers water views and is accompanied by a granite stone waterfall centered in our beautiful tented courtyard. The Waterfront Room’s patio comes with outdoor patio heaters that illuminate outdoor lounge areas.


No matter which venue you choose, each one will be beautiful in its own way during September and the fall season. Our Event Coordinators can help you plan all of the details necessary, and will make sure all of your questions are answered. Whether you’re planning an autumn wedding, a class reunion, or anything in between, we invite you to consider Danversport as your event venue.

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