Summer Baby Showers At Danversport

July 17, 2019

This summer, we have been extremely busy hosting many baby showers! These are beautiful celebrations for mothers, families & friends in the North Shore region and surrounding. We’re always honored when families choose Danversport as their baby shower destination, as it’s a heartfelt and special moment for families. Read through this blog to see why people love booking our waterfront venues to throw the most picturesque baby showers. 



With each baby shower, we incorporate the desired theme, colors, and ambiance into the venue. This means we curate decorations, flowers, napkins, cakes, desserts, etc. all to match your desired decor. (Our baby shower linen napkins come in pink and blue!) The displays, photos, and signage always look adorable with sweet baby colors and fresh summer feels. 



You can describe your perfect baby shower menu, and tell us the types of food wish to have served at your baby shower. From there, our event coordinators can help you choose a catering package perfect for your celebration. Many couples choose our fabulous brunch coupled with fun cocktails like mimosas. Some couples decide on a luncheon style menu when looking to serve something more hearty. Of course, include a cake, cupcakes, or something sweet for dessert!


You can get creative with your cakes, designs, and cocktails to create a theme for the shower. Our baby shower linen napkins come in pink and blue!


When it comes to venue choices, we have so many great options. There are different reasons to rent each venue, and all depends on the size of your celebration as well as the layout and style you’re looking for.



The waterfront room is a popular choice for many couples who are expecting. This room can be curated perfectly to reflect your personality and theme. Many choose a nautical theme for this room because it goes so well with waterfront views and the blue hues. The Lighthouse point is also a popular choice, perfect for baby showers. This room offers water views on three sides and a rock waterfall centered in our beautiful tented courtyard. Each venue is special in its own way, and the moment you see them, you’ll know which one is perfect for you.


If you have a new baby on the way, give us a call. Danversport is your ideal baby shower venue destination on the North Shore!

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