The North Shore Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Celebration

March 20, 2019

At Danversport Yacht Club, we host corporate events during all seasons of the year. We love being the business destination for local and traveling business people. When you’re working in the area, or when you need a local and beautiful destination for a business meeting or work event, Danversport is always the answer.

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There are multiple venues to choose from when you’re looking to host your corporate event or business meeting with us. The size of your event, and the style in which you’re going for will be something you want to think about. When you tour our venues for the first time, you’ll see the unmatched opportunity and possibility of your event unfold before you.

Terrace Ballroom and the Harborview Ballroom are great for large crowds and audiences. The Waterfront Room and The Captains Quarters can accommodate smaller, more intimate crowds for meetings and open conversations.

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North Shore Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner is described as the region’s premier business event of the year. We’ve been honored to host many of these annual dinners, commonly in the Harborview Ballroom & Sun Deck that accommodates 200 to 650 guests. Guests consist of business owners and business people on the North Shore.

This venue is perfect for large crowds, presentations, and business gatherings due to the amazing space for guests to comfortably move about and network. When people are settled in and focused, the intricate sound treatment of this venue allows for speakers to be heard clearly so they can present concisely.

Catering packages offered for corporate events are designed by the event leaders, and can be tailored to the style of meeting or event. People choose appetizers & tapas, buffet menus, and even full dinners for corporate events. Open bars are available to treat your guests coming in and when mingling during network hour.

Setting the tone with food and drinks can be important during corporate events. At this annual dinner, over 500 guests and sponsors are invited to attend. The North Shore Chamber of commerce honors thought-leaders and community leaders each year. The dinner is another example of the recognition of the growth and economic development on the North Shore.

Danversport is proud to be a part of such a great event each year. When considering a venue for your next corporate event, whether you’re local on the North Shore or you’re doing work near Boston, consider venues at Danversport Yacht Club.

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