2018: Danversport Highlights

December 6, 2018

What a year! Just when we thought we’d seen the best of the best, in rolls 2018 and WOW! Between all the weddings, showers, birthdays, anniversary parties, corporate gatherings and fundraisers, we were part of some pretty remarkable celebrations!

A great example of that is Janice & Brad’s winter wedding. It was a classic white wedding with a soft touch of blue that was perfect for February!

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

After their guests enjoyed a delicious dinner and spectacular band, the couple took off in a helicopter!

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

It was quite the exit!

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

However, this helicopter wasn’t the only aerial vehicle we saw in 2018… a few of our photographers/videographers brought in their drones as well!

Photography Credit: A Perfect Image

These particular photos came to us back in July and we still can’t get over how great they turned out!

Photography Credit: A Perfect Image

As you can see, summers at Danversport are absolutely gorgeous! It’s truly our favorite time of the year!

Each week, hundreds of people walk through our door to attend a private event or our infamous Party on the Patio.

And sometimes we see a familiar face!

This summer, we welcomed Governor Baker as he attended Hill Holiday’s 50th Anniversary celebration! Another event we won’t soon forget!

However, before we knew it, the summer turned into fall and a whole new reason to love Danversport emerged…

Between weddings and fundraisers, we had quite a busy autumn! But again, we saw some incredible stuff!

The Christian Angel Smile Foundation always hosts a spectacular event. This year, they brought in aerialists and WOW were we all impressed!

So, as you can see 2018 was magnificent and it’s left us feeling nothing but excitement for the new year to come!

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