An Informative Guide to Hosting an Effective Seminar

May 21, 2018

Cartoon depiction of a seminar

Are you looking to hold a seminar on the North Shore of Massachusetts? Danversport Yacht Club has a multitude of venues that accommodate anywhere from 25 to 650 guests, perfect for a seminar! Seminars serve many purposes, from training employees, to discussing personal or business development, to sharing business strategies, to even discussing academic topics. A seminar is an effective way to meet and connect with people in similar or different businesses or fields, and to build your business network. There are steps to holding an effective business seminar. Let’s take a look:

Identify the Purpose

In this first step, it’s important to know why you want to hold a seminar. What will your guests gain or learn from it, and what will you get out of it as a business owner, event planner, etc? You should narrow down the purpose, the location, and the execution of the event, meaning how you will conduct it. Examples of this are guest speakers, conferences, formal employee training, or a networking event. Last in this step is to come up with a guest list and send invitations once everything is in place.

Planning the Event

In this step, you’ll want to narrow down your list of topics and guest speakers. This all stems from the execution aspect in the preceding section. If you are inviting guest speakers, make sure they are able to attend and that they have all the details about the location, the audience, and the overall purpose of the event.

Funding the Event

An important step is to allocate funds for the event. This includes renting the venue, paying for food or catering and other services, identifying the costs associated with each part of the seminar, etc. If it will be an all-day affair with multiple guest speakers spanning an array of varying topics, breaking up the event by hour may be best when figuring out costs.

Preparing the Materials

Once everything is set in place, now is the time to make sure you have all the materials you need, such as pamphlets or programs, educational materials, testing all presentations using audio and visual (AV) equipment, and so on. This is very important because nothing can make an event backfire quite like lack of preparation.

A Final Run-Through

Much like rehearsing a play before opening night, you would do well to hold a mock seminar before the actual one just to identify and work out the kinks and ensure that everything runs smoothly and without complications. This final step is of utmost importance for a successful seminar.


If you’re looking to hold a seminar, conference, or corporate event, your desperate search for a proper venue ends at Danversport Yacht Club. Our many venues can accommodate groups of people, small or large, and our AV equipment is up-to-date with current standards. Drop us a line today to inquire about holding your next seminar in one of our venues, by phone at 978-774-8622, or by email at Visit our Corporate Events page today!

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