A message from the Danversport Yacht Club family

About 50 years ago, Joseph DeLorenzo had a vision of creating one of the finest Marinas on the Eastern Seaboard. Part of this foresight involved creating a venue with a large dance floor to accommodate his square dancing club the “Shin Diggers.” To facilitate the construction, he collected the twisted bricks (too close to the fire) that were discarded from his brother’s block plant.

Today we are well into the third generation and are so proud to continue his dream. Recently we built a 250 KW solar canopy that produces about 40% of our electricity needs. We also purchased a farm and are now growing fresh vegetables “farm to table.” We hope you enjoy Danversport and thank you for your patronage.

In Service,
The DeLorenzo Family.

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161 Elliott St, Danvers, MA 01923