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Creative Wedding Day Items

In our last blog, we provided you with a basic list of wedding day essentials. However, this time around we’re helping you get creative!

Let’s start with the ceremony…

Instead of creating a run-of-the-mill pamphlet, make your ceremony program into a fan! Your guests will not only be impressed but grateful as they sit by the water on a warm summer day.

Photography Credit: Jason Corey Photography

Photography Credit: Jason Corey Photography

The ceremony program isn’t the only stationary item you can have fun with. You can also be creative with your place cards.

You could use them as a way to distribute your favors…unique place cards

Or as a nod to your cultural background.

unique place cards

Once your guests are inside the ballroom, you can wow them with a unique guestbook…

Unqiue Guestbook

and a fun cake topper.

Creative Cake Topper

However, the most popular creative trend right now is signage.

Photography Credit: Photography By Marcia

Photography Credit: Photography By Marcia

You can add letters to your sweetheart table…

Photography Credit: Photography by Marcia

Photography Credit: Photography by Marcia


Photography Credit: Photography by Marcia

Photography Credit: Photography by Marcia

or right in front of the band!

Photography Credit: Photography By Marcia

Photography Credit: Photography By Marcia

You can add a creative element anywhere and everywhere on your wedding day. After all, the best way to create a memorable and unique event is to have fun with the details!

Build Your Wedding Vendor Team

We pride ourselves on producing some of the best weddings in the area.

Waterfront Venue

Between our waterfront views and mouthwatering menu, we provide the perfect foundation for any event.  

Lobster Danversport

In addition to our premier location and delectable dishes, our wedding package includes a custom-made wedding cake just for you.

The cakes come from Cakes for Occasions and they aren’t just delicious, they’re beautiful too!  Cakes for Occasions Wedding Cake Our packages also include decorative florals for the cake and a centerpiece for your head table. Flowers from Petals Inc.The blossoms are provided by our friends at Petals Inc. in Peabody. We love Petals because they’re talented and easy to work with. In fact, many of our couples choose to have Petals provide the arrangements for their dinner tables as well.

Petals Inc Flowers

However, if you’d like to shop around then we also recommend the teams at Audrey’s Flower Shop in Gloucester and  Evan’s Flowers in Peabody. 

Each of these florists will certainly make our ballroom shine!

Harborview Ballroom

Now, that covers the venue, the food and the flowers but you’re not done yet!  Everyone knows you can’t have a wedding without saying “I Do”. 

When it comes to ceremonies we recommend Justice of the Peace Priscilla Geaney. Priscilla truly believes in personalizing your wedding and she is willing to work with you to make your ceremony special.


After the ceremony, it’s time to celebrate and we know just the DJs to get your party started!

The guys at Groove Entertainment, 617 Weddings and NuImage Entertainment are not only professional but extremely entertaining and will have your guests dancing all night long.


However, these days, couples are looking for more than just musical entertainment. They’re seeking out unique and interactive services as well. If you are one of these couples then we recommend you look into PopIn Booths. It’s a photobooth that prints out high quality images on customizable photo strips for your guests to keep forever.


With all of these spectacular plans in place the only thing left to do is document the night!

There is no doubt you’ll want to hire a photographer and we have four who we recommend all the time…

Adriano Batti Photography

Adriano Batti

Bharat Parmar Photography

Bharat Parmar

Roland Silva Photography

Roland Silva

and Barbara Lynch Photography

Barbara Lynch

All four of these photographers are incredibly talented and very familiar with Danversport. Each of them have captured truly spectacular images at our venue.

However, if you’re looking for more than just photos and are interested in videography then George at SH Video does amazing work!

Just look at this short film he put together for one of our couples not too long ago…

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding.  However, if you have the right vendors by your side then everything will come together and it will be the best day of your life!



The Perfect Waterfront Wedding

There’s no better backdrop for a wedding ceremony than the natural beauty of the sea. That’s why many  couples envision their big day at the beach.

However, between unpredictable weather and unwanted guests, there are several reasons why a beach wedding may not be everything you imagined.

Luckily, Danversport has you covered…


Your guests will be sand free and more comfortable on our perfectly manicured lawns. Plus, it’ll be easier for you to process down an aisle made of stone.

Photography Credit: Adriano Batti Photography

Photography Credit: Adriano Batti Photography


At Danversport, your ceremony will be set in a secluded area without the possibility of uninvited guests. Waterfront Wedding Ceremony


What if it rains? No need to worry!

If the clouds roll in on your wedding day then we’ll take the celebration inside.Indoor Wedding Ceremony


With your reception just a few steps away, the party will start the moment you’re pronounced husband and wife!

You and your guests can eat and drink without ever leaving the water’s edge.

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

At Danversport you get a scenic view without any complications. That’s why it’s the perfect setting for a waterfront wedding!

Behind The Danversport Menu

Behind every delicious menu is a talented chef who is carefully preparing each dish. Here at Danversport we’re lucky enough to have six chefs working in our kitchen. They all take great pride in the cuisine that they create and are constantly working to keep our menu fresh and innovative.

Just last year we updated all of our hors d’oeuvre options!Hors D'oeuvres

However, there are fan favorites (like the Mediterranean Chicken) that our chefs would never touch. Mediterranean Chicken

Our kitchen makes this delectable meal with sundried tomato mascarpone ravioli, artichokes, olives, capers, roasted peppers and a lemon white wine sauce. Chef Tom Rafferty says it’s both the flavor and color that make this dish so popular.

If you’re someone who appreciates beautiful color and presentation, then you’ll love the lobster plate that Chef Ramon Espinal created especially for our clients.  Lobster Danversport

We call this the Lobster Danversport and it’s a show stopper!

These are just two of the outstanding meals that our kitchen has mastered over the years. There are so many enticing dishes on our menu that sometimes it’s hard for our clients to choose just one.

Chef Ernie Serino says, if you’re a seafood lover and can’t decide on just one item then go with the Seafood Trio and enjoy our shrimp, haddock and scallops covered with a buttery crumb topping. Seafood Trio

That being said, if you’re looking for something that’s not on our menu then let us know! Our chefs are more than happy to make a special order just for you.

Not too long ago, we had a groom who wanted chicken parmesan at his wedding so that’s exactly what our kitchen made him. We did that because behind the menu and in our kitchen there are six chefs who are ready to make your culinary vision come to life! Personalized service from people who truly care, that is what Danversport is all about!

Host An Event Every Season At Danversport

Our favorite part about living in New England is that we can experience and enjoy each of the four seasons. Here at Danversport we host events all year round. We truly embrace each season so there is a reason to host an event any month of the year.

It goes without saying that the views at Danversport are always breathtaking. Even in the winter, our waterside gazebo looks beautiful covered in snow.

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

Now imagine viewing this picturesque scene from a window in our event space. During the winter months, we warm up each room with traditional holiday décor creating the perfect ambiance for a festive night of fun!
Holiday Decor
That being said, maybe you want to host an event when it starts to get a little warmer. The spring time here at Danversport is exciting! That’s when our outdoor space really starts to come alive.
The gardens are blooming…

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

Our fountains are flowing…

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

Even the boats are back in the marina!

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

Each change signifying that we made it through another New England winter and the summer sun is on its way!

Due to our ideal waterfront location, I am sure it is no surprise that the summer months are our busiest! Each room inside our property has its own outdoor patio space so you and your guests can enjoy the warm air and scenic views. In addition to that we have a fabulous tent pavilion right next to the water. It is the perfect setting for anyone who wants to host their event entirely outdoors!

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

Photography Credit: Allegro Photography

But it’s not just our location that makes us so popular our clients also love our farm to table menu that changes with each season.

Take our salads for example: In the summer we serve a Strawberry Salad made with romaine lettuce, fresh sliced strawberries, red onion and poppy seed dressing. While in the fall, our chef replaces the Strawberry Salad for the equally delicious Autumn Salad. The Autumn Salad is made with mixed greens, dried cranberries, walnuts and maple balsamic dressing.

Our fall menu is always popular as we offer all of the seasonal favorites. From apple garnished sangria to fresh butternut squash (which we pick from our own garden!) our chef serves up the traditional taste of fall.

Needless to say, thanks to our ever changing menu and stunning views, there is always a good reason to plan your event here at Danversport!

We look forward to hosting you soon!

What’s Hot for 2015 Weddings & Event Food Trends

drink trends

Cheers! Champagne is back in a big way along with wedding couples choosing a signature cocktail for their big day.

signature drink sign

Another big trend that we are noticing is in food, Farm to Table. Brides and grooms are looking for simple, locally sourced foods that are fresh, seasonal and organic.

family style

For a more relaxed and social atmosphere, family style and food stations are becoming increasingly popular.


food trends 2

Late nifood trends 3ght food options after dinner and dancing is also a trend and fun option for any wedding!  Comfort foods, mini burger bites, mac and cheese bites, make your own tacos, smores, and even food trucks outside the venue are good ideas that compliment a fun and trendy wedding!


cake trendsHave you evener been to a wedding with an unfrosted wedding cake? That is also a new style that we have seen recently!

Wedding cake Denver

Tell us what you think of these trends in the comment below.

The Danversport Yacht Club offers some of the best waterfront weddings on the North Shore! For information to book your wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club, click here.

Winter Wedding Trends

Warm up your guests with a Hot Cocoa & Coffee Bar, to really warm them up try adding some Bailey’s and other Cordials

winter wedding trends 5

Make sure to include a fun sign because “Baby It’s Cold Outside”!

Winter PlacecardsEmbellish your place cards with a snowflake

centerpeice Hints of natural white and blue hues in the centerpieces
(All of these from Saturday’s Valentine Wedding at Danversport Yacht Club)

cocoa favor

Guests were sure to take home this Hot Chocolate Favor


Pine Cones and Greens, Bright Red Berries, Sprigs of Holly for your bouquet

winter wedding trends 3

Wedding Cakes with some metallic and silver bead accents

winter wedding trends 4

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses with Faux Fur Capes

winter wedding trends

Outside Photos with falling snow

winter wedding trends 2

Carve your names into the snow for a great save the date!


The Danversport Yacht Club offers some of the best waterfront weddings on the North Shore! For information to book your wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club, click here.

Danversport Yacht Club Nominated for BONS 2015 by Northshore Magazine

Northshore Magazine Best of North Shore Awards

The Danversport Yacht Cub has been nominated by Northshore Magazine’s “Best of Northshore” for 2015 in several categories! The categories include Alfresco, Clam Chowder, General Excellence, Lobster Roll, Waterfront Restaurant, and Marina. Every year, Northshore Magazine holds this contest to determine the best restaurants, companies, and services that are voted on by the public. The Danversport Yacht Club brings several decades of experience in serving the best seafood north of Boston. Voting goes from February 1 through May 1 and the winners will be announced in Northshore Magazine’s August issue due out in late July. Thank you from all of us at the Danversport Yacht Club for your votes and continued support over all these years!