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Wedding Reception – Band vs. DJ

Arguably the best part of a wedding, or at least the most entertaining, is the reception. After exchanging vows, I do’s, rings, and finally the big kiss, there is dinner, and music and dancing to top it all off. It’s a long day for not only yourself, as the wedding party, but for your guests as well, so choosing the right entertainment is essential. You can choose to hire either a live band, for a more classy sound, or a DJ, to spin your favorites. Let’s take a look at each:


  • Live band – Live music has a uniqueness that recorded songs just can’t match. A good band lights up the room and can get everybody grooving. If you’re looking to hire a band for your wedding reception, you should read online reviews from other couples who hired wedding bands. You would do well to listen to them live, once you’ve narrowed down your choices. The next step in the process is to set up a playlist. Avoid tired, overplayed wedding songs like “Y.M.C.A.” and “The Electric Slide”, unless you specifically request them. Other than playing music well, the singer usually announces the wedding party and family, as well as who is going to give toasts, so be sure to correct them on their pronunciation ahead of time.
  • DJ – Hiring a DJ to play at your wedding reception is always a safe call. Just as with bands, do your research. Read online reviews from couples who hired DJ’s for their receptions. Once you’ve chosen your top three picks for DJ, give them a listen. You’ll be able to gauge their personality and style better. Next, give the DJ your playlist and make sure s/he can play those songs. You’ll want the playlist to feature a little of everything, so as to connect with every person in the room and entertain them throughout the night. Again, the DJ will be making announcements, so make sure s/he pronounces everyone’s name correctly beforehand.

The wedding reception is all about entertainment. It’s your choice whether you decide to hire a live band or a DJ. Keep in mind, though, that live bands are typically more expensive than their DJ counterparts. Whichever you choose, do your research in the beginning stages to make sure you’re getting the best entertainment for your big day.


What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

One of the most important team members to consider when planning your wedding is the photographer. They’re responsible for capturing the best moments of your wedding day, so as to create lasting memories you can look back on and reminisce about later in life. So how do you choose the best photographer for your big day? There are a lot of factors to consider, so let’s take a look:


  • Choose a style – The first step that leads to hiring the best shutterbug for your wedding is to first decide on a style. For example, documentary style captures candid moments, moments as they happen. Portrait style, on the other hand, is a little more formal, in that the photos are planned and everyone is posing. The photographer can still exercise their creative license by taking cute photos, such as the newlyweds gazing longingly into each other’s eyes with the water in the background. Yet another style is that of fine art, in which the particular photographer incorporates their own artistic style into the shots. A commonality in this style is shooting on film, which yields granier, more artistic photos.
  • Research – After having decided on the style of photography that best fits what you’re hoping to capture, it’s time to look at different photographers. It is good practice to read reviews by recent newlyweds and visit their respective photographer’s website and blog, so you can see their work and style.
  • The interview process – Once you’ve narrowed down your choices of photographers to a potential few, it’s time to meet them in person. This is where their personality really shines, and you can discuss specifics about what you’re looking to capture. Be sure they’re available to shoot on your wedding day and, if not, ask if they have an associate who’s available whom you can interview. You should also compare prices to see which photographer best fits in your budget.
  • Request to see full wedding albums – While looking at a portfolio of their best photos from various weddings, full albums from a few weddings will give you a better look at the photographer’s skills and style. Delving further into this process, it is wise to look at full albums of weddings that are in a similar setting to yours, e.g. a waterfront wedding. This will give you an even better idea of what to expect in the finished product.
  • Choose and confirm – Once you’re confident you’ve found the perfect photographer based on skill, style, and personality, be sure to contact the studio and confirm that the photographer you interviewed and ultimately chose will be present at your wedding. If you have enough money in the budget, it might be a good idea to hire a second photographer or an assistant, which can be arranged in the contract you sign with the photographer.


  • After all is said and done – You should consult with the photographer about how long it will take to receive the finished photos. On average, photographers spend about 40 hours editing wedding photos, so don’t expect to get the finished product until about six to eight weeks after the fact. You should also ask the photographer about your rights to the images, whether or not you can print them yourself, as well as how many photos to expect, and the quality of them. You may also want to inquire about different options when it comes to retouching specific photos, if you can make any special requests.

Advantages of a Waterfront Wedding

Everybody loves a nice wedding. There are family reunions, decent food, fun, and dancing all packed into one day. It seems almost impossible to top that. Almost. If you’re currently planning your wedding, consider having it right on the water. There are many reasons why you might choose a waterfront venue. Here are just a few:


  • Break away from tradition – If you know you don’t want to have your wedding ceremony inside a church, a waterfront wedding is a great alternative. It can be cheaper, too, because you can exchange vows either outside or inside, as weather permits, overlooking the water, and then eat, drink, and dance the night away inside.
  • Enjoy the outdoors – If you’re in search of a little peace during the hectic wedding process, you will easily find it outdoors, especially on the water. The ebb and flow of the waves is very relaxing to watch, and the cool breeze coming off the water is refreshing and can help calm nerves on your big day. You can even just take a moment to take it all in during the rare occurrence when the spotlight isn’t on you.
  • Nautical-themed wedding – If you’ve chosen a nautical theme for your wedding, then what better place to have the ceremony and reception than on the water? Nautical-themed weddings are very popular as the sea makes for the perfect backdrop on your big day.


Waterfront weddings are always a fan favorite, and Danversport Yacht Club has some of the best views on the North Shore in a banquet-style setting. For an unforgettable evening surrounded by loved ones, consider having your wedding ceremony and/or reception at Danversport Yacht Club. For more information, visit the Danversport Weddings page

Creative Wedding Day Items

In our last blog, we provided you with a basic list of wedding day essentials. However, this time around we’re helping you get creative!

Let’s start with the ceremony…

Instead of creating a run-of-the-mill pamphlet, make your ceremony program into a fan! Your guests will not only be impressed but grateful as they sit by the water on a warm summer day.

Photography Credit: Jason Corey Photography

Photography Credit: Jason Corey Photography

The ceremony program isn’t the only stationary item you can have fun with. You can also be creative with your place cards.

You could use them as a way to distribute your favors…unique place cards

Or as a nod to your cultural background.

unique place cards

Once your guests are inside the ballroom, you can wow them with a unique guestbook…

Unqiue Guestbook

and a fun cake topper.

Creative Cake Topper

However, the most popular creative trend right now is signage.

Photography Credit: Photography By Marcia

Photography Credit: Photography By Marcia

You can add letters to your sweetheart table…

Photography Credit: Photography by Marcia

Photography Credit: Photography by Marcia


Photography Credit: Photography by Marcia

Photography Credit: Photography by Marcia

or right in front of the band!

Photography Credit: Photography By Marcia

Photography Credit: Photography By Marcia

You can add a creative element anywhere and everywhere on your wedding day. After all, the best way to create a memorable and unique event is to have fun with the details!

Wedding Day Packing List

It’s your wedding day and there are so many little details to keep track of that you’re afraid you’ll forget something as obvious as the wedding rings. In an effort to help we’ve created a list of items that every couple should consider packing for their big day!

When it comes to the ceremony you’ll want to remember your marriage license, wedding rings and any element your officiant has requested to make the ritual personalized and meaningful. If you have a ring bearer and flower girl then you’ll also need a pillow for the rings and a basket full of rose petals. Last but not least, if you took the time to make ceremony programs then you’ll be devastated if you forget those at home!

ceremony programs

Once you get to the reception, we try to provide as much as we can. For example, every couple is welcome to use our house table numbers.

Danversport Table Number

However, some couples still choose to bring their own.

Photography Credit: Peter Lazzarino Photography

Photography Credit: Peter Lazzarino Photography

If you’re bringing your own table numbers then pack them up with your place cards, favors, guestbook, restroom baskets and card box.

Card Box

You may also choose to bring your own toasting glasses, cocktail napkins and cake knife.

Photography Credit: Peter Lazzarino Photography

Photography Credit: Peter Lazzarino Photography

However, those are items that we can provide as well.

Regardless of what you decide to bring, we recommend you keep a list. Then, when your wedding day arrives, you won’t forget a thing!

Personalize Your Event With A Signature Drink

Signature drinks are the perfect way to add a personalized detail to your event with minimal effort and low cost.

Assuming we have the ingredients, all you need to do is provide the sign!

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

Photography Credit: LifeFusion Photography

We’ve had some really spectacular signature cocktails in the past. However, one of our favorites was a His and Hers signature drink combination.

“The Mrs.” was a unique twist on a classic cosmopolitan. The bride decided to serve up her favorite cocktail with raspberry vodka for a fruiter flavor. Meanwhile, her groom went straight for the chocolate! “The Mr.” combined vodka, chocolate liquor, cream de cacao and half & half for the perfect after dinner drink! His & Hers Drinks

If you don’t have the time or energy to create your own recipe then come up with a fun and meaningful name for our signature sangria!

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

This sangria station is part of our open bar package. When you choose an open bar with Danversport you have the option of welcoming your guests with champagne or sangria.

If you order the sangria and type up a signature drink sign, we’ll put it on your station. You’ll have an impressive signature drink display and all you had to do was provide the signage!

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

Signature drinks are a fun, inexpensive and easy detail to add to your event. So, cozy up to the bar and start creating a cocktail for your next celebration!

Build Your Wedding Vendor Team

We pride ourselves on producing some of the best weddings in the area.

Waterfront Venue

Between our waterfront views and mouthwatering menu, we provide the perfect foundation for any event.  

Lobster Danversport

In addition to our premier location and delectable dishes, our wedding package includes a custom-made wedding cake just for you.

The cakes come from Cakes for Occasions and they aren’t just delicious, they’re beautiful too!  Cakes for Occasions Wedding Cake Our packages also include decorative florals for the cake and a centerpiece for your head table. Flowers from Petals Inc.The blossoms are provided by our friends at Petals Inc. in Peabody. We love Petals because they’re talented and easy to work with. In fact, many of our couples choose to have Petals provide the arrangements for their dinner tables as well.

Petals Inc Flowers

However, if you’d like to shop around then we also recommend the teams at Audrey’s Flower Shop in Gloucester and  Evan’s Flowers in Peabody. 

Each of these florists will certainly make our ballroom shine!

Harborview Ballroom

Now, that covers the venue, the food and the flowers but you’re not done yet!  Everyone knows you can’t have a wedding without saying “I Do”. 

When it comes to ceremonies we recommend Justice of the Peace Priscilla Geaney. Priscilla truly believes in personalizing your wedding and she is willing to work with you to make your ceremony special.


After the ceremony, it’s time to celebrate and we know just the DJs to get your party started!

The guys at Groove Entertainment, 617 Weddings and NuImage Entertainment are not only professional but extremely entertaining and will have your guests dancing all night long.


However, these days, couples are looking for more than just musical entertainment. They’re seeking out unique and interactive services as well. If you are one of these couples then we recommend you look into PopIn Booths. It’s a photobooth that prints out high quality images on customizable photo strips for your guests to keep forever.


With all of these spectacular plans in place the only thing left to do is document the night!

There is no doubt you’ll want to hire a photographer and we have four who we recommend all the time…

Adriano Batti Photography

Adriano Batti

Bharat Parmar Photography

Bharat Parmar

Roland Silva Photography

Roland Silva

and Barbara Lynch Photography

Barbara Lynch

All four of these photographers are incredibly talented and very familiar with Danversport. Each of them have captured truly spectacular images at our venue.

However, if you’re looking for more than just photos and are interested in videography then George at SH Video does amazing work!

Just look at this short film he put together for one of our couples not too long ago…

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding.  However, if you have the right vendors by your side then everything will come together and it will be the best day of your life!



The Perfect Waterfront Wedding

There’s no better backdrop for a wedding ceremony than the natural beauty of the sea. That’s why many  couples envision their big day at the beach.

However, between unpredictable weather and unwanted guests, there are several reasons why a beach wedding may not be everything you imagined.

Luckily, Danversport has you covered…


Your guests will be sand free and more comfortable on our perfectly manicured lawns. Plus, it’ll be easier for you to process down an aisle made of stone.

Photography Credit: Adriano Batti Photography

Photography Credit: Adriano Batti Photography


At Danversport, your ceremony will be set in a secluded area without the possibility of uninvited guests. Waterfront Wedding Ceremony


What if it rains? No need to worry!

If the clouds roll in on your wedding day then we’ll take the celebration inside.Indoor Wedding Ceremony


With your reception just a few steps away, the party will start the moment you’re pronounced husband and wife!

You and your guests can eat and drink without ever leaving the water’s edge.

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

Photography Credit: Barbara Lynch Photography

At Danversport you get a scenic view without any complications. That’s why it’s the perfect setting for a waterfront wedding!

What Should You Serve For Dessert?

No event is complete without a sweet ending!

That’s why, in addition to a delicious entrée menu, we also offer quite a few delectable desserts!

You can order something simple (like a platter of Italian cookies) or something more extravagant (like our flowing fountain of rich chocolate).  Chocolate Fountain Your guests will love the cascade of warm chocolate that we serve with fresh fruit, marshmallows, pretzels and cream puffs for dipping. Not only is it delicious but it’s entertaining as well!

However, if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial then we recommend our Venetian Sweet Table.

It’s impressive “Cruise Ship” style presentation includes an assortment of cookies and pastries… Pastriesas well as whole cakes and pies!

Dessert TableSome fan favorites are the strawberry shortcake…

Strawberry Shortcake the Oreo mousse torte…

Oreo Mousse Torte and the key lime cheesecake.

Key Lime CheesecakeThe Venetian Sweet Table even comes with a platter of fresh fruit for those who want something sweet but light.Fresh Fruit Guests love trying a little bit of everything which is why dessert tables are currently the trend.

However, if you’re getting married and you prefer a traditional wedding cake, then you’re in luck! Our wedding package includes a custom-made cake from the renowned local bakery, Cakes for Occasions.Wedding CakeThese tiered cakes are not only gorgeous but delicious too!

Photography Credit: Adriano Batti Photography

Photography Credit: Adriano Batti Photography

In the end, you can’t go wrong with any of these sweet selections.

Regardless of the dessert you choose, if you pair it with a warm cup of coffee, tea, cappuccino or espresso, your guests will leave full and satisfied!  

Behind The Danversport Menu

Behind every delicious menu is a talented chef who is carefully preparing each dish. Here at Danversport we’re lucky enough to have six chefs working in our kitchen. They all take great pride in the cuisine that they create and are constantly working to keep our menu fresh and innovative.

Just last year we updated all of our hors d’oeuvre options!Hors D'oeuvres

However, there are fan favorites (like the Mediterranean Chicken) that our chefs would never touch. Mediterranean Chicken

Our kitchen makes this delectable meal with sundried tomato mascarpone ravioli, artichokes, olives, capers, roasted peppers and a lemon white wine sauce. Chef Tom Rafferty says it’s both the flavor and color that make this dish so popular.

If you’re someone who appreciates beautiful color and presentation, then you’ll love the lobster plate that Chef Ramon Espinal created especially for our clients.  Lobster Danversport

We call this the Lobster Danversport and it’s a show stopper!

These are just two of the outstanding meals that our kitchen has mastered over the years. There are so many enticing dishes on our menu that sometimes it’s hard for our clients to choose just one.

Chef Ernie Serino says, if you’re a seafood lover and can’t decide on just one item then go with the Seafood Trio and enjoy our shrimp, haddock and scallops covered with a buttery crumb topping. Seafood Trio

That being said, if you’re looking for something that’s not on our menu then let us know! Our chefs are more than happy to make a special order just for you.

Not too long ago, we had a groom who wanted chicken parmesan at his wedding so that’s exactly what our kitchen made him. We did that because behind the menu and in our kitchen there are six chefs who are ready to make your culinary vision come to life! Personalized service from people who truly care, that is what Danversport is all about!