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Unique Ideas For Wedding Gazebo Decorations You Won’t Find on Pinterest

gazeboGazebo weddings are an undeniably elegant and sophisticated option for brides and grooms who wish to say “I do” with a sunset backdrop. With so many gazebo weddings flooding Pinterest, the desire for a unique wedding is only natural. We worked to create a one-of-a-kind gazebo style that even Pinterest would find Pin Worthy!

Make a statement by incorporating the following gazebo decorations for weddings.

Whimsical Wind Chimes

At Danversport, we have both a gazebo and a pergola for our event spaces. In either location, adding character with whimsical wind chimes can be an unexpected way of sharing a couples story. One family collected wind chimes from each vacation destination — imagine having one of your favorite hanging in the gazebo as they tell the experiences the couple shared.


Dreamcatchers are all the rage right now, from home and nursery decor to wedding decorations. Believed to filter out all the bad dreams and leave behind only the good, dream catchers can provide the same symbolism on your big day, allowing only your most romantic hopes for the future to be with you as you tie the knot. This unique decoration is increasingly popular at bohemian chic weddings, but can be uniquely infused into a gazebo design.

Bonsai Trees

Greenery is a lovely addition for a gazebo wedding. Plants allow members of the green movement to show their passion by incorporating their love of nature into their big day. Bonsai trees represent the peace, calm, and serenity you desire for your wedding day.

Indian Culture Inspired Fabric

For a bold, yet sophisticated look, outfit your gazebo with stunning Indian culture inspired fabric. Increasingly used as a backdrop for indoor weddings, vibrant Indian fabric can be just as lovely in an outdoor context. Bright reds, oranges, and yellows evoke energy and excitement. The traditional jlamprang pattern features water lilies, which represent the harmony of bride and groom as they unite as a couple.

Antique Keys

Your future bride or groom has the key to your heart; outfitting your gazebo with lovely antique keys will again tell a story and create a theme for your wedding day. Easy to find in antique stores, at estate sales, and online, these keys can be incorporated into flower bouquets, lanterns, or chandeliers for a look that is both subtle and memorable.

Pearl or Crystal Details

Strings of pearl and crystal are often used as table centerpieces, but few weddings take the next step and incorporate these details into the gazebos design. Pearls look especially stunning when integrated into candle holders, flower decorations, and gazebo drapery. Crystal is typically used in chandeliers, but can also be draped to create a beautiful look that effortlessly transitions from day to night.
A little ingenuity can go a long way as you prepare for your gazebo wedding. If you want a distinctive look, traditional flowers, fabrics, and other typical gazebo decorations for weddings can be enhanced with many of the ideas our event coordinators have shared

How to Create a Breathtaking Wedding Event That Leaves Your Guests Wanting More

weddingWeddings are absolutely meant to celebrate the love of a new chapter between you and your spouse while also creating a guest experience that generates lasting memories.

Try these 4 recommendations to create a stand out affair that will leave your guests talking about your wedding long after the toasts are made!

Pick the Perfect Venue

A venue can influence everything from decor to what time of year you say, “I Do”. Waterfront venues allow guests to experience the outdoors, amazing views and unique location while celebrating. Read Having a Waterfront Wedding to see more

2) Build the Excitement Early

Create unique save-the-date cards that will set the tone for the months leading up to the wedding. When choosing your invitations continue your personal theme and experience that you want your guests to have when they arrive on the big day.

3) Consider a Theme

This special day is a reflection of you and your spouse. Look at what hobbies or experience you share with your partner- can the table cards be pictures from all the vacations you both shared, or college dorm names where you first met?

4) Personalize Your Wedding Favors

Wedding favors today are surpassing the traditional Jordan almonds and pulling in personalized pieces that continue telling the love story of the newlyweds. Many couples decide to showcase their favorite foundation and make a donation in their guests name or provide a favor that guests can bring home like branded coasters or jewelry boxes handmade by the bride’s father.

How will you tell your love story? Share on our facebook page

3 Reasons Why You Should Create The Perfect Vendor List

vendorlistWeddings are one of your most special events, filled with decisions, an ever increasing guest list and numerous references and referrals. Creating the perfect wedding team of professional vendors will undoubtedly help you confidently walk toward the perfectly planned wedding we aspire for, while still keeping your sanity firmly intact and enjoying every minute of the wedding process.

1) Rely on Recommendations

In our present day it is almost impossible not to read, hear and see testimonials or recommendations about anything from the local restaurant to the popular venue to say, “I Do”. Within your network of friends and family, someone is bound to have experienced planning or attended a wedding. Start your quest for the perfect wedding vendor list by culling recommendations from friends, family, colleagues and the community

Venues, such as Danversport, have worked with thousands of vendors over the years and can be a gold mine of information that can help match your style with the perfect wedding team. While gathering your vendor endorsements, ensure that the ratings of previous clients’ events complement your wedding style. That is, a caterer who got an A+ for their execution of a Southern-style backyard buffet may not be the best choice for a four-course gourmet wedding dinner. Look for reviews from clients who had celebrations similar in scale, setting, and theme to yours in order to build a more reliable list.

2) Book Far in Advance

Great vendors fill their calendars well in advance of the busy wedding season. Professionals recommend booking your vendors 12-14 months from the date of your event so you can ensure that your favorites are available on that date.

3) Keep Everyone in the Loop

On the day of the wedding or event, your mind is going to be filled with excitement along with the overwhelming emotions of the amazing experience. Designate a point person that you trust who will handle any unplanned emergencies or questions. Provide your list of vendors (or better yet, a booklet containing contracts, contact names and numbers, and backup plans) to your venue’s point person. At Danversport, each wedding has an Event Coordinator that oversees the entire wedding from the ceremony to the end of evening sweets. They will be your point person to ensure the day runs as planned so you can enjoy your dream day!
Every event and especially a wedding, involves numerous moving parts that make the day truly a memory.

For more information on how to help your vendors be at their very best or for details on the vendors trusted by the team at Danversport, reach out to our wedding experts.

Spring Events & Ideas

Here at the Danversport Yacht Club, we always incorporate some of the best event ideas for the seasons! Spring is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with bright beautiful flowers or having your event outside on the waterfront.

Here are some fun Spring tips for people planning events this time of the year. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!



Colorful flowers can give your ceremony that spring feel.

 “Wedding Program Fan”

Wedding Program Fan

The warmer weather also brings out door ceremonies. These program fans can help keep your guests cool while telling them about your bridal party.

“Outdoor Furniture”

Outdoor Furniture

Couches and other furniture can give you that homey feeling with a beautiful outdoor space.

“Place card Holders”

Placecard Holders

Fun stands can be used to keep those reception cards in place outdoors.

“Seed Favors”

Seed Favors

Flowers and seeds can be a favor that can give your friends and family that spring feeling.

“Spring Candy Buffet”

Spring Candy Buffet

Colorful candy can be a fun way to bring in some spring colors.

“Spring Centerpiece, Spring Wedding Centerpiece and Watering Can Centerpiece”

Watering Can Centerpiece

Spring Wedding Centerpiece

Spring Centerpiece

A couple examples of some spring centerpieces that can enhance your guest tables.

The Danversport Yacht Club offers some of the best waterfront weddings on the North Shore! For information to book your wedding or event at the Danversport Yacht Club, click here.

What’s Hot for 2015 Weddings & Event Food Trends

drink trends

Cheers! Champagne is back in a big way along with wedding couples choosing a signature cocktail for their big day.

signature drink sign

Another big trend that we are noticing is in food, Farm to Table. Brides and grooms are looking for simple, locally sourced foods that are fresh, seasonal and organic.

family style

For a more relaxed and social atmosphere, family style and food stations are becoming increasingly popular.


food trends 2

Late nifood trends 3ght food options after dinner and dancing is also a trend and fun option for any wedding!  Comfort foods, mini burger bites, mac and cheese bites, make your own tacos, smores, and even food trucks outside the venue are good ideas that compliment a fun and trendy wedding!


cake trendsHave you evener been to a wedding with an unfrosted wedding cake? That is also a new style that we have seen recently!

Wedding cake Denver

Tell us what you think of these trends in the comment below.

The Danversport Yacht Club offers some of the best waterfront weddings on the North Shore! For information to book your wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club, click here.

Winter Wedding Trends

Warm up your guests with a Hot Cocoa & Coffee Bar, to really warm them up try adding some Bailey’s and other Cordials

winter wedding trends 5

Make sure to include a fun sign because “Baby It’s Cold Outside”!

Winter PlacecardsEmbellish your place cards with a snowflake

centerpeice Hints of natural white and blue hues in the centerpieces
(All of these from Saturday’s Valentine Wedding at Danversport Yacht Club)

cocoa favor

Guests were sure to take home this Hot Chocolate Favor


Pine Cones and Greens, Bright Red Berries, Sprigs of Holly for your bouquet

winter wedding trends 3

Wedding Cakes with some metallic and silver bead accents

winter wedding trends 4

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses with Faux Fur Capes

winter wedding trends

Outside Photos with falling snow

winter wedding trends 2

Carve your names into the snow for a great save the date!


The Danversport Yacht Club offers some of the best waterfront weddings on the North Shore! For information to book your wedding at the Danversport Yacht Club, click here.

Danversport Yacht Club Nominated for BONS 2015 by Northshore Magazine

Northshore Magazine Best of North Shore Awards

The Danversport Yacht Cub has been nominated by Northshore Magazine’s “Best of Northshore” for 2015 in several categories! The categories include Alfresco, Clam Chowder, General Excellence, Lobster Roll, Waterfront Restaurant, and Marina. Every year, Northshore Magazine holds this contest to determine the best restaurants, companies, and services that are voted on by the public. The Danversport Yacht Club brings several decades of experience in serving the best seafood north of Boston. Voting goes from February 1 through May 1 and the winners will be announced in Northshore Magazine’s August issue due out in late July. Thank you from all of us at the Danversport Yacht Club for your votes and continued support over all these years!